Sunday, February 20, 2011

March Sale is Looking Good!

This is the hardest time of the year for all of us junkers - mighty slim pickins out there!  No garage sales, no flea markets, very few auctions, and not a lot of dumpsters!!!  What's a junker to do?  You dig down deep into your stockpile - the stuff that has gotten stuffed to the back of the shed, the garage, the basement - and you turn that piece that you didn't have a clue what to do with a few months ago into something FABULOUS.  You get inspired by working with what you've got.  These mid-winter sales are some of my favorites for just that reason - we have to get inspired and creative with next to nothing - to look at a pile of mis-fit pieces and turn them into wonders!  These sales bring out the best in us cuz we have to dig deep!  So when I saw this sign in MaryAnn's area I knew it was the theme for the March sale!!  INSPIRING - that is our goal - to be inspiring for you.  I think we will accomplish that this month - so much fun stuff already in - and despite the snow falling this weekend - we are going to totally ignore it and move on to SPRING!!!!  Early spring - touches of fresh color, soft color, bold color and crisp clean whites.  It is amazing what a bit of color can do for a room!  If you are like me and your home is decorated in dark colors year round - throw in a bright pillow or rug or throw or change out a side table for a brightly painted one - you don't have to re-decorate - just give yourself some small change - something that will breathe new life and vigor into you and your home!  Believe me, you won't regret it!

So here are some photos of things to come - hardly anyone is even near to being set up - but the beginnings are so fabulous and inspiring and colorful and soft and energetic and warm that I just had to share them with you!!

 Can you hear the birds singing?  That early morning spring sound of life being renewed?  Even if they are not outside your window yet you can still enjoy them with this great print!
 I love a selection of children's chairs.  They can fit into any decor, take up very little room, and even look great hanging from the walls!
 These fabrics are so invigorating - and if you are a dog lover.....................need I say more?????
 Susan is back with us - we are all so happy!  We missed her and her eclectic look!  Look what she has done to her wall - it is even better in person!
 Are you starting to think about garden parties?  Statuary works wonders for ambiance - and are great all year round indoors and outdoors!
 Coral - one of our newest gals has a nice selection of softer colors mixed in with some primitives - showing once again that styles can and SHOULD mix together!
 This piece inspired me the most when I walked in!  The great old paint on the door - that incredible energetic, enlivening color - made me feel I could do anything!  Wait til you see the other side!
 Brad and Amy have been doing a ton of remodeling - and underneath that horrid old grey indoor/outdoor carpet that was in the front right side of the shop found these great floors!  It took a lot of work to get that carpet up - it was glued on to last an eternity!  But I think it was well worth the effort don't you?
 Did I mention bright, fun, energetic color?
 And sunny yellows?
 And soft wispy dreamy colors?
 And green plants?
 And totally in your face, bright fun colors?
 Here is the other side of the door!!!!!  Yeah, it's awesome!  So, if you aren't inspired yet - if the thought of more snow has you down - if you are looking for some fun in your life - Mark March 3rd on your calendar!  We'll be the ones standing in the big melting puddle of snow (cuz our stuff is so hot!!!!!)

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