Sunday, February 27, 2011

March On In to SECOND HAND ROSE!!!

 SPRING IS COMING - and we see it at SHR!!!!  It may be snowy outside - but inside - visions of green grass, blooming plants, long lazy bicycle rides, watching birds build their nests, dining alfresco, cozy evenings on the front porch - yep that's what's on our minds!  And we have absolutely everything you need to put you in a Spring state of mind too!!!  Be sure to come on in this week and join us! 
March 3-4-5-6  Thursday thru Saturday from 9 to 6 and Sunday from 10 to 5
 Ready for a little ride?  We can put you in the mood!
 Ready to hang out on the porch and daydream?  We can help with that too!
 Thinking about riding your bike?  Or adding some springtime color to your house?  We can help with both of those needs!
 Need to add a little light to your life?  We have COUNTLESS options!!
 Thinking ahead to family reunions and gatherings?  Need a nice large table and some thoughts on tablescapes?  Yep, you guessed it - WE CAN HELP!!
 Need some nice crisp, fresh, clean whites?  You know where to come!
 How about something fun and new to make you smile?  We've got one or two or a gazillion items sure to fit that bill!
 A new car in your future?  Let us help you pick out a new ride!
 Dreaming of gardens, green plants, the smell of fresh mown grass?  Well, we can help you in the green department and finding just the right piece to sit down and enjoy the green.
So - you all liked the rusty wall?  Guess what?  Rusty fixtures and other cool stuff by Amy!

I just know you have seen something that piques your interest! - and check out more photos on the Second Hand Rose Buffalo face book page too!

See you on Thursday!


  1. Gheez....I wish I didn't live in FL....I see at least 10 things I would love to have...beginning with the typewriter....Lots' of gorgeous stuff!

  2. Did you sell the hutch/writting desk with the clover pattern? If you still have it can you shoot me an e-mail?
    Thanks so much.
    Julie (

  3. Looks like it was a great month to be out and about at Second Hand Roses. I was tied up with the "JunkMarket Under Glass" event, but will hopefully see you in April. Can't wait!

  4. I am looking for a giant old farm/harvest table. I would like the legs to be sturdy, but otherwise it can be in much "less than perfect" condition. Anybody have anything like that? thanks. Ann