Monday, January 24, 2011

Getting Ready for February

 I spent quite a bit of time at SHR yesterday - and the joint was hopping!!!  Lots of incredibly wonderful junk coming in - some improvements to the shop have been done - lots of catching up as we have been so busy taking time off so now we are sooooo busy catching up!!!!

Most of us have a lllooonnnggg way to go til we are ready for you guys - but I thought I would give you a sneak peek of some things that I spied - things I am pretty sure you will want!

The first was this chair - covered in beautiful white fur - and also the fur pillow!  Brad and Amy came across some vintage fur coats that were in tough shape - so they cut them apart and have been very busy covering chairs and ottomans in beautiful furs - take my word for it - you will be drooling!!

 A new sign made to hang behind the desk!  We also have a new more efficient desk and it is in a new place!  I think you will all be impressed!  We also have some new lighting here and there - and more will be coming in as time allows!  The track lighting I found in my area was the best present ever!!!!  No more darkness and I can focus them wherever I want!!!  There are also newly painted walls and floors - not everything yet - but a great start!  We will be sparkling!!!!

 Saw these 2 toile covered chairs and immediately was trying to figure out where I could use them in my house!!!!!  I'm betting they fly out!
 We have a new dealer with us for February - she's checking out the waters with a very feminine look - lots of blues, pinks and ivories!  Her paint jobs are INCREDIBLE!  I think you will be impressed - and want it all!
 Nothing like a little vintage huh?  Love that 50's look!
 Music room - den - living room - bedroom?  Something for the musician in us all!!!!
 Rose and Cathy are working on a space together for this month (cuz Cathy and Brian decided to just drop their stuff and head down to the warmness of Florida!!!!!)  Can't imagine why anyone would want to leave these -29* temps!!!!  But..........Rose worked hard combing their items and will finish up when she gets back from her warm weather jaunt to New Orleans and Florida!
 Personally - I'm pretty sure I just gotta have this sign!!!
 This small writing desk with hutch top is so sweet.  And the glass in the top piece is all wavy - way, way, way cool!
 A wonderful bench for your entryway - have you noticed how much white and fresh spring colors you are seeing?????
 This stained glass piece - too awesome for words!  You just gotta come in and see it!
 Rose managed to get some of her funky art work done before she took off to warmer climates!
 I'm LOVING the antlers with the hat collection!
A couple of the fur ottomans that I noticed stuffed behind a stack of furniture!  The bottom one has an alligator look on the sides with dark fur top!  Pretty darn amazing!


  1. Looks good. Like the stained glass and other architectural type pieces.

  2. I noticed a stained glass door in the new vendor's space. Nice. And those antlers are great! Lots of great stuff! ~Mindy