Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sparkles, Twinkles and Jingles!!

The December sale is almost here - and all of the SHR elves are busy creating and decorating and setting up - the mood in the shop today was shiny and bright and twinkly and giggly and just plain FUN!! Most of us are still NOT ready - we'll be taking it right down to the wire - but I wanted to show you a few glimpses of what is happening! I'll be in there again tomorrow and get more photos for you all - but for tonite - things to dream about!!!!!!!

I am loving these ski sconces that Brad made - would look great in your lodge or cabin or north woods styled family room!
Angela still has far to go - but don't you just love the softness of her sheers!!
Nothing like lockers - and stockings!
Such an interesting mix in Marla's area - chippy and fun and a total childhood Christmas!
Okay - now really - who doesn't love this??????????
Barb has really outdone herself this sale - but this corner is probably my favorite - all creams and ivories and soft whites!
Or perhaps this is my favorite part of Barb's area - just can't decide!!
This could be my favorite too - Barb always gets lots of photos cuz she is always done first!! She is also AWESOME!!
Rose's area - sparkly, twinkly, drop dead gorgeous!!
I'll get some more photos tomorrow - cuz there is SO MUCH MORE TO DROOL OVER!!!!! Can't wait to show you the bathroom!!

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