Monday, November 1, 2010

Sneak Peek of the November Sale - Well Almost!!!

I worked and worked and worked on my spot yesterday - along with quite a few others and finished up a little after 1am. Swept the floors, cleaned up, took extras and tools out to the van - turn on all the lights - let's take pictures for the email and the blog - DEAD BATTERIES. Hmmmm...............

Got home about 2:45, started the email - couldn't think of how to describe how INCREDIBLE the shop is this month and no pictures. Maybe some sleep. Went to bed - body aches, head aches, brain will not turn off. Finally fall asleep - get just shy of 2 1/2 hours sleep and I am awake with a wonderful idea - I'M GONNA WRITE A SONG ABOUT THE NOVEMBER SALE!!!!!

The title of the song is "Twelve Things You Just Can't Miss, Just Gotta Have, Just Can't Live Without From the November Sale at Second Hand Rose". I know it sounds kinda like a country song doesn't it???? Well, not exactly - more of a holiday song. I think you will really like it - lyrics are DYNAMITE, melody is catchy and easy to grasp - heck, I bet you'll be singing along in no time at all! So here goes - my very own SHR song.....................

Twelve Christmas Dishes,
Eleven Silver spoons/forks/knives, (you gotta sing that part really fast, run the words together!!)
Ten Pieces of Crystal,
Nine Chandeliers,
Eight Dining Tables,
Seven dresser drawers (well, really more than that AND they have the actual dresser parts to go with the drawers!!)
Six Shiny Mirrors,
Five watchamacallits........
Four Comfy Chairs,
Three Great Trunks,
Two Center Isles,
And a Whole Shop of Wonderfulness!!!!!

Soooooooooooo - whaddya think????? Catchy huh? And notice how you seem to pick up the melody without me even being there to lead you???? That means the lyrics must be super duper!!!

Really, there are awesome Christmas dishes and other china, tons of great silver silverware, serving pieces, tea and coffee pots and trays; beautiful crystal goblets - and all of these items would look spectacular under ANY of the chandeliers over a NEW dining table (really, we got you covered on sizes, styles and colors!!), with a gorgeous MIRROR on the wall that reflects into the living and/or family room where there are some fabulously soft and COMFY chairs and TRUNKS used as coffee/and end tables! A DRESSER used in the entryway to hold a gorgeous GREEN arrangement (and your keys!) leads you directly to the CENTER ISLAND where all of the action is - whether it be small or large - EVERYONE will want to be there drinking wine from your CRYSTAL goblets and commenting on all of your ONE OF A KIND, DON'T KNOW WHAT IT IS BUT GOTTA HAVE IT, NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE IT , WHERE ON EARTH DID YOU GET IT, I WANT ONE JUST LIKE IT accessories and holiday decor!!!!

So until I get back in there tomorrow with fresh batteries - guess you'll just have to sing!!!!


    Sounds like a ton of fun :o)
    Can't wait to see it all!

  2. As usual, a masterpiece.