Monday, November 29, 2010

Once Upon A Time...............

Once upon a time there was an awesome little shop called Second Hand Rose in Buffalo, Minnesota. It grew and grew til people from all over the country knew what a wonderful place it was. The Grand Poobah (aka Rose) worked hard and found just the perfect little elves to help her make this the best place in the world. But one day GP (aka Rose) got tired of working so hard and decided it was time to retire and do silly things like read books and play with her friends so she announced to the world that Second Hand Rose would be no more. A deep and dark sadness fell across the land and all the elves and all the friends of SHR. How could mankind as we know continue without SHR????????? But then one day a small sliver of light shone into the shop – a young couple managed to shake off their sadness and say “Hey, wait a minute – I think we could buy SHR and keep it open and make it shine again and add new ideas and make it bigger and better!” So they talked to GP (aka Rose) and made it all so – and the light began to glow again, and the sun shone, and laughter and music rang out, and the sadness was lifted off the world! The elves began to sing and dance and paint and create and even GP (aka Rose) decided to become an elf instead of GP!!!!!! Ah, miracles do happen, the world can rest, and our new Grand Poobahs (Brad and Amy Johnson) have already begun working hard to make the shop glow and sparkle and ring with laughter!!

So be sure to come on out and check out the brightest, merriest, happiest, coziest, warmest, funnest, bestest sale ever!!!! Our December sale is packed to the brim with goodies for Christmas decorating, home d├ęcor, Christmas gifts, lighting, upholstered pieces, mirrors, beds, silly stuff, fun stuff, and lots of our usual unusual one of a kind, just gotta have it, don’t know what it is, oh my gosh, nobody else will have one of those, bestest things in the whole entire universe!!! And all of us elves will be dressed in our Christmas finery, there will be treats for you (and presents too!!) and you can get to meet the new team Brad and Amy!!!!

Sadly, some of us will be leaving SHR (Barb is taking a break and Mike and I will be heading out for new adventures) so be sure to check out the clearance pricing and deals that we have for you! Our regular great pricing all around and steals to be had as well!

Don’t forget we will be closed in January so Brad and Amy can make some improvements to the building and give everyone a chance to enjoy the holidays – but will re-open in February with A BIG BANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Come on out and celebrate with us – we’ll carol with you or to you, jingle bell rock your world, help you find Joy in the World, give you peaceful Silent Nights, help you with all 12 Days of Christmas, find your L in Noel, make your Christmas White or Blue (depending on your color scheme!!), make your Silver Bells ring, help you find your 2 front teeth or whatever else is all you want for Christmas, help you be Santa to all your baby’s, and make your world and home a winter wonderland! So Come all ye Faithful friends and celebrate with us – we’ll be waiting with sugarplums!!!!

Oh yeah – go check out the blog – I’m putting TONS and TONS of photos on there – 2 or 3 posts worth of photos!!!!!

See you on Thursday, Friday and Saturday AND Sunday!!!!!

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