Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Notes from You!!!

When Rose made the announcement that she was retiring we got so many nice emails! And now that you all know SHR is not going away - we have again gotten so many nice emails! We have also gotten letters, calls and wonderful stories and hugs from those of you who came into the shop to share with us your memories! We wanted to share some of these nice notes with you! From Rose and the whole gang - all of you, our customer friends, are so special - your enthusiasm helps keep us inspired and your loyalty has been incredible! We love you all!
And here are some of your comments..............

Rose, You might be "Over and Out," but u will never be OUT. Thanks for sharing all of your creative talents and generous spirit all these years. You have been an inspiration for so many of us. Whenever I need a creative charge and inspiration I come to your dealer days and the battery is recharged once again.
Good luck to your and enjoy your semi-retirement for as long as you can stand it. From one that has retired three times and keeps going back for more.

The best of luck to you Rose. I am so glad we will continue to see you once in a while. My home is filled with wonderful treasures from your shop. My memories of shopping there with my daughter and close friends... I will cherish forever. One year, while waiting in line for your December sale - at the old shop - my girlfriend and I plucked all of the large wooden candy canes right out of the window boxes! I felt like the Grinch! Every year when I decorate for Christmas, I walk around the house with those candy canes and wonder what in the world I'll do with them this year. I put my annual call in to her and say, "I'm walking around with my candy canes!!" She says, "Me too!!!"
Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Rose, Rose, Rose,
You will be greatly missed. You’re creative stamp was in every nook and cranny of your shop and I loved it as did everyone else who returned month after month not just to buy but to be inspired with new ideas and discover quirky new ways to use old finds. Thank you for giving us a monthly destination that was never disappointing and often awe inspiring.
Thank you, Rose. You will be missed.

Please pass our greetings to Rose.
We live in Bismarck and have loved every trip thru Buffalo that we have made! We were just sick when we heard about "the closing".
The news today that the flag has been passed and SHR will remain open is music to my shopping ears!
Best wishes to the new owners and best best best wishes to you in your retirement!
Can hardly wait to get to Buffalo in 2011!

Thank you for the fun shop and concept that you started! It is such a highlight to look forward to the first of the month so see all of the cute ideas that you and your dealers come up with. Enjoy your lighter schedule. You deserve it! I’m glad it will continue with Brad and Amy.

Thanks for the note.
I sooo appreciate this store. It really has shaped how my friends and I decorate. It is wired into our personalities. We mention you often on our blog, sometimes abbreviated by SHR - :)
Love to you Rose, and we will be back!!!
emily haataja

I am a loyal customer and just wanted to say YOU WILL BE MISSED (but I will keep coming ).

With cheers and many thanks, Rose! For all you have done and given of yourself I am grateful. You have made my world a more beautiful and inspiring place.
Peace and love

It is Sherry from Hopkins Lillian's and I am so sad to hear that you are going to be done. I truly think NONE of the occasional shops anywhere would be around if it were not for you. Second Hand Rose fills my shop in Hopkins and we get so many compliments on the decor. It is because of you and the clever way you put it all in each and every customers you have touched. My home reflects this as well. My daughter Summer was so inspired by you she opened her own shop and has had huge success. I will for sure be out to see you this month with my neighbor gals.
Good luck in whatever you choose to do.

Good luck to you Rosalie... yes, if the soul is pulling a certain way, how can we not want to look what is lying around the corner. And the numerology is perfect too. :)
ps. really enjoyed the monthly visits to your store... you know it was the best!!

Thanks for the years and hard work that went into the shops you have had. They were always the best. Yes it time to read all those books! I am working on that now,

I’m excited for you Rose and wish you well in all that your future holds! I am sad as well, since your sales have always been the highlight of each month for Patty and I. Sincerely, Dale O’Hara, a Loyal SHRR (Second Hand Rose Regular)

From Molly in Des Moines....I am sad but SO very happy for you. My daughter, Heidi, lives in the Cities and it was always our "together time" for me to come to visit so we could work in the Second Hand Rose weekend. We had such good times together - it always seemed she found the "good stuff" before me or at least recognized what it COULD become (she is very clever). I retired from a job I loved about 4 years ago and know the feeling of it just being the right time. I have not been sorry and continue to enjoy the freedom to visit my grandbabies whenever, sleep late if I wish, spend hours in my garden, read lots of great books and just be ready for what happens next. I wish you happiness and thank you for the wonderful hours and adventures you enabled my daughter and me to enjoy. I will remember Second Hand Rose fondly as I enjoy all the treasures filling our home. Thanks!!

You absolutely amaze me with your talent and I want to thank you for all the blood, sweat, tears and most of all the love you put into your unique 1 of a kind shop. Any occasional shop owner desires to be "like" Second Hand Rose! Amy and Brad are very lucky to be carrying on your store and your name!
You have helped women with your inspiration to create unique looks that they wouldn't have ever thought twice about.
I'm so excited to shop in your booth and see you at the sales! Unfortunately Tim and I won't be there for the December sale because we're headed to Florida for a long weekend on Thursday but we'll see you in February!
Again~ from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU!

What a beautiful passing of a "place where everyone knew our names." You started a great concept and many followed in your creative footsteps. I am so glad you found a soul mate and can enjoy a new phase of your life.
We talked in the shop one day and shared our new adventures. Life is better now. We may not look the same or act the same however we have experiences on our side and that makes it all the sweeter. There are second chances.Thanks to you and all the dealers who made the shop so welcoming and fun. Good luck to Brad and Amy. We'll keep coming.

All the best to you. I always love love love your shop.
We live 60 miles away and have sent many many people to find you.
I love your creativity. You inspired me to start my own occasional shop.
I have Dragonfly Bay Boutique in Spicer, MN. (am only only on weekends in the summer months) I do consignment in a cabin on a lake North of Spicer. It has been a lot of fun. We finished our 5th season this year.
I don't make any money yet( I am always buying from my vendors) but I meet some real nice people and they love coming to my place.
Thanks for being who you are and what you do!!

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