Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Finally - Some November Photos!!

So there I was at the shop today doing some last minute stuff - turned off the lights, locked the door, drove away - FORGOT TO TAKE PICTURES!!!!! Fortunately I remembered before I was very far away! So here you go - a few snippets from the November sale starting on Thursday!!! You're all gonna be there right??????

This is Merry! She likes to come and visit us and bring her owner Sarah! She liked riding in the sleigh that my talented husband made!
Cindy has a harvest table that is 10 feet long! Bet you could get the entire clan around that for Christmas dinner!

This is a corner in Dinah's area. You have just gotta stop and stare at what she did to her walls - they are incredibly awesome - some plaster, some paint, some rubbing off of paint, some sanding, they are to die for!!! And she has good stuff too!
Gail has this great sleigh coffee table - haven't talked to her but I bet her talented husband built it! Pretty cool huh?
Think of all the uses for this great green cupboard - then think of how much stuff you could store in it!
I love the simplicity of this vignette in Barb's area. She is a real less is more person and I think it works so well here - even if I am kind of a more is more person!
Love this wall in Angela's area!
Another wall in Angela's area - nothing like signs!
Pat has lots of festive entertaining items!
Love this view of Dinah's area too - looks so peaceful.
Decorate your tree with license plates!
Love, love, love Rose's wall - be sure to take a minute and read it!
One of Ted's cupboards - gorgeous stained glass!
Love this natural beauty!
And this big cage thing - makes a perfect Christmas tree - and it doesn't lose it's needles!

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  1. Looks great. Wish that I understood the "look" 1/2 as well as Dinah does. Good luck with the sale.