Wednesday, November 17, 2010

December Sneak Peeks!

Was at the shop tonite meeting with our new owners to be (see the previous post to meet Brad and Amy) and took a few photos. Now keep in mind that most of us have hardly even started (well except for - you guessed it - Barb!!) - but still got some fun photos! It's gonna be a fun sale - a bittersweet sale - the end of an era - a look forward to a new era - and lots of Christmas Cheer!!!!! And we'll have treats and presents and I heard a rumor that even Santa is coming!! So come on in and have a look!

Rose painted the back wall this awesome silver - can't wait for you to see it in person!

I loved this little piece with all the drawers!
Barb is getting all Christmasy!

Can't you just see this carriage filled with greens????

I made a new friend!
How pretty is this?
Cindy decided to spackle her walls - wonder what color she will paint them? Something that will show off this awesome chandelier I hope!
I made another friend - seem to have a horsey theme here don't I???
These are old boat cushions - and they are soooooo awesome - there are 3 of them. I want to hang them across the wall over a buffet or console table. Such beautiful art!
I want this cupboard - the most beautiful soft shade of green. I think I could make it work in my kitchen - if I swap it out with something else!
Sooooooooooooo - getting anxious yet? I AM!!!!! Get your shopping lists ready - only 15 more days til the sale!!!!!

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  1. Oh....... the silver wall looks like duct tape!!! DANG! You KNOW I wanna go do that in my house now, right?

    The horses are so cute!!! Giddy up! I wanna be there...

    ;-D robelyn