Saturday, September 18, 2010

Some of our favorite people!!

We are so lucky to have such loyal customers - and so many of you never ever miss a sale!! We feel that you have all become part of our extended SHR family! We have been getting such nice notes and letters from you guys and I wanted to share a couple - and a few photos of some of you folks at the September sale!

From Vivian (she and her dear friend Marlene are in the photo below) - "SHR is the best reason to meet my dear friend Marlene. She lives in Bismarck, ND but has a cabin on Bass Lake for the summer months. We have been friends since 7th grade and are now 74 years young! We have a first Thursday of the month date all summer long at Second Hand Rose! Thanks for all the great memories you have given us!"

This is our friend Ann - she is always here on Thursday mornings! I love her stories of how she has used her treasures in her home - I think I gotta get pictures!!
And here we have Nancy (in the black jacket) and Margaret - another pair of our Thursday regulars! They always have a smile and a kind word!

A note from Cynthia - "I had just moved to Minnesota from New Jersey in July of 2001. I saw an article in Victoria magazine and was thrilled that Second Hand Rose in Buffalo wasn't too far from Eden Prairie. My friend from St. Paul and I got here at 9am on a Thursday morning and we were shocked and amazed - and pleased - to see that there was a line of at least 50 shoppers waiting to get into your tiny shop! We happily joined the line and bought tons of unique items! Visiting SHR become a monthly joy. Thank you for opening my eyes to your creative ways of decorating!"
A note from Mona - "My 3 sisters (and nieces) have always looked forward to each monthly sale! You will be greatly missed."
This gal forgot to sign her note - "My mother and I come to your sales. In August we had to take my 6month and 2 1/2 year old sons with - which is a challenge! My two year old found a toy horse which he loved. As we were leaving his grandmother told him to put it away. The gal at the desk said Oh, you were such a good boy - you can have it! It was so nice of her - most places look apprehensively at a 2 year old but she was so sweet and gracious."
This last photo is kind of near and dear to my heart - My family!! My son Kjell who has helped out on Thursday mornings while he was unemployed and thinks of SHR as his home away from home and even tho he doesn't like "old stuff" thinks we have some "pretty cool junk"! My husband Mike, and Mike's daughter (and I like to claim her too!) Chelsey from Bellingham, WA. Chels was sad when she heard SHR was closing - she always makes a point of coming in and seeing everyone and we have even put her to work at a sale when she has been in town!

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