Saturday, September 18, 2010

Junk Bonanza Finds Familiar Faces!

I went to Junk Bonanza on Friday with my friend Jami. If you didn't make it this year - be sure to mark your calendars for next year! Even if you don't buy a single thing (and believe me that is almost impossible!!) the creative inspiration that you will get will keep you smiling and running for a long, long time!!!! I took a few photos of some great displays and such - but mostly I took photos of people. As I was meeting and greeting it occurred to me how many of these INCREDIBLY TALENTED vendors had been a part of Second Hand Rose at one time or another! So I thought I would share them with you! SHR has a long history of very talented people associated with it - some were dealers for a while, some have been guest dealers who pop in from time to time - but all of them have added more to the magic that is Second Hand Rose!

Here is our very own Angela Carlson!!! She is a current dealer at SHR besides doing Junk Bonanza and will also be part of Gathering of Friends at Bachman's in October.
And you all know Claire Baxter of Hog Shed and Jane Hall from Mustard Moon - did you know that they have been dealers from time to time? Claire's daughters Julia and Katie were part of SHR back about 8 or 10 years ago too - do you remember them? They were featured very nicely in the Victoria magazine spread about SHR.

and Jane again - you all know that she plays a pivotal roll in Junk Bonanza right? And that Mustard Moon is one of our all time favorite places to shop?
Claire Heuer - we miss her so much!!! You can find her at Haupt Antiek Market!

And here we have Colleen - nope not a dealer but one of our regular customers that I ran in to! None of us would be here if not for folks like Colleen and the rest of you!

And two more familiar faces - Jami Lewison and Judy Shackelford - yep, they have both been dealers at SHR too!!! Jami now owns Gypsy Lea's in Sauk Rapids (awesome shop and oh by the way - I sell there too!!) and Judy will be part of Kathie's Finds (another awesome shop I highly recommend) next month!
Jan Berg - everyone knows and loves her and she has been part of SHR off and on over the years - and you can find her next month at Gathering of Friends. And here she is posing with two of our best customers!! The "D" sisters - did I mention that I am great with faces, but terrible with names????? SO SORRY - I know you guys are in here every month too! Someone help me out here!!!!!!
And last but not least - Cathy and Brian Grott! Cathy is with us currently and will be to the bitter end - and she has a great partner and helper in Brian!
It sure was fun to see everyone and be reminded how lucky we are at SHR to have had and continue to have such great dealers!

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  1. Hey Kris- nice to see you in passing at the JB. It is truly a fabulous event that Ki and her team pull off, and this year it was at its finest.
    See you hopefully at the next SHR event.