Monday, August 30, 2010

My Favorite September Things!

Every month I have so many "favorites" in the shop - things I want for myself, things that inspire me, things that are so unique, things that are so clever - so I thought I would add some more photos of some more things - you'll see why!
I'm pretty sure this little guy needs a good home!!! I LOVE chalkware!!
I'm loving the beer bottles hung from the fish stringer!!! Sometimes they are the best catch of the day!!! How cool hanging in your cabin!

I love these light fixtures - and there are always tons of great fixtures at SHR!

Is this not the best lampshade ever!!!!!
Love these little dishes - they are no more than 4 - 6 inches long!

We all love old books - this trio casually displayed on a table makes you want to go check them out! Sometimes a great display makes the ordinary extraordinary!
So Rose got this great stone frame and then used old book pages and bird cutouts to make a great art piece!

Shelves of pretties!
There is nothing better than frames inside frames - when your frames are as great as these you don't need a thing inside them!
Baskets of any size, style, color and medium make the best storage and displays!
And another basket display!
Old tarnished silver is the best - who has time to clean their silver anyway?

Ladders make great frames - or magazine racks or towel racks or blanket/quilt racks or whatever you want them to be!
Another one of Rose's art pieces - framed leaves with cabin/fishing/camping cutouts!
These next 2 photos are some more Rose pieces. She took apart an old piano - and used the great wires inside! Add some beads and baubles and throw them in a vase!! Viola!!

I love this dresser and this paprika colored light fixture!
And another creamy dresser!
This is my favorite corner in my area!!
This basket in Cindy's area is to die for!!!

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  1. Love your store and your prices are good!