Wednesday, July 21, 2010

August Goodies and a Flea Market

July is starting to wind down and you know what that means..............lots of activity around Second Hand Rose!! All of us are running in and out, about and around, gathering goodies, painting, repairing, buying, building and yep, some of us have even started and almost finished set up (not me of course but you may have heard the name BARB before??????) I was in the shop today dropping of a van load of stuff and had to look around to see what was going on. Lots of chaos!!!! Stuff everywhere - but what GRAND stuff!!!! I got totally inspired to rush home and work harder and faster on all of my goodies just so I can be in the same league as what I was seeing! And the set-up's I was seeing?????? Well, all pretty awesome in the beginning stages so I can't wait to see what the final stages will look like!

Ready to check it all out???????????? Well, let's go then.........................

NO, WAIT, STOP!!!!!!!

I forgot to tell you something - We are having a FLEA MARKET at our August sale!!!! Out back behind the shop will be tons of treasures - some will be in boxes and baskets so you will have to dig, bigger pieces will be lined up - no staging, no fancy set up - BUT CHEAP, CHEAP, CHEAP!! So be sure to check out our "back yard" this sale - there will be tons of goodies!! Okay, now let's check out what is going on inside.....................

Rose has the back wall this month - and of course it is awesome even only partially done! There is just no denying it - Rose is the absolute BEST!!

Some more of Rose's front section.

Some stuff in Lynn's area - no set up yet but I started my "gotta have" list in her area!!

This dresser in Cindy's area is gorgeous - it is the most incredible shade of scarlet - and she has a great beadboard cupboard and a drop dead gorgeous antique trunk in there too!!

I LOVE this little table in Angela's area!

This great blue dresser is in Barb's area - such a nice soft color!

This shelving unit is in Cathy's area - I think it has endless possibilities! And that cool vent thing on top??? I love the shape!

Another section of Rose's area - over the doorway! I love the fact that she has used rope to hang everything and just let it dangle here and there - the rope becomes art in itself!

A multi-colored dresser heading into my area! You know me - just gotta do red and multi-colors!!

Two shelves and a sign also heading to my area - altho by the time you see it next this shelving unit will be a great shade of green!

There is a HUGE blue armoire in Pat's area - she had SO MUCH stuff piled in her room that I couldn't get a very good shot of the armoire - but there is a great table standing inside it and some awesome artwork hanging on the wall!

I love this beadboard piece in MaryAnn's area! She is almost all set up!!!! Hmmmmm.......I think perhaps the pod people were here and swapped her out for a new MaryAnn!!

I love this open cupboard of Sharon's - but I love the bowls more!!

What a sweet little girl don't you think? And all blinged up!!

Bonnie has tons of stuff in her area - not set up yet you see it.................there it is...................hiding behind the of her famous pumpkin paintings!!!! I bet there will be more!

Soooooooooooooo, are you anxious yet? Mark your calendars, get the gang ready, we'll be waiting for you on August 5th!!!!

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