Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Tour of Barb's House

Barb had a little party at her house Saturday nite and she was kind enough to let me snap a few photos to share with you all. Barb lives in Buffalo in a big old brick house. I love her house - but what makes it so special is how she has made it a cozy, comfortable and welcoming home. Very few things in Barb's house are new. There are family pieces mixed in with new upholstered pieces mixed in with many treasures from Second Hand Rose, antique shops and thrift stores. She has put it all together with her very own stamp. Barb tends to be a bit of a minimalist while I tend to be a more is more person! But her mix of old and new, contemporary and traditional makes for an absolutely beautiful home. So let's take a look...........................

This is the garden on the side of the walkway leading to the front door. The garden is lovely and full and leads you right up to the front porch.
This is a shot of her back garden.

She has a fireplace in her living room with this cubby over it. I think it was once meant for a tv, but she keeps the doors slightly ajar - just enough to see this little vignette.

This was the centerpiece on her dining room table. I love the chippy little organ stool - a piece that she bought at Second Hand Rose!

This is a shot of her backyard sitting area. A very small little spot - but shady and cool and inviting!
The corner of one of the bedrooms. This room is all shades of whites, creams and ivories. It is so soothing. She got the little corner sink at SHR and it has an open book in it.

This is the other side of the room. I love her window treatment. She has wood blinds - very simple - but then the window is framed with a harp from a mirrored dresser with simple sheer embroidered panels just draped over the ends and hanging down either side of the window. Over the bed hands the pocket from a suitcase with a few simple treasures. Her bedside table is actually a small desk.
This is in her kitchen. I love the dog sitting on the scale and propped up against was an old ticket from some kind of carnival. I wish I had gotten a shot of her counter tops (they were covered in the most delicious foods of all kinds when I was doing this). She didn't like the counter tops or cupboards when they bought this house and she didn't want to go thru the expense of all new so she painted the cupboards and back splash (it is all soft greens and taupe) and then she painted her basic Formica counter tops. She sanded them to get some grit and then used many coats of paint and some faux techniques and they now look like dark marble. She then used quite a few coats of poly over them. She did this over a year ago and they are still looking great!
This is a wall in her living room. The living room and dining room are painted in this deep gold color. It is so cozy and warm. She framed a piece of ceiling tin with simple 2 x4's, a vintage bookcase, globe, mirror with a contemporary lamp and leather chair (barely visible on the right) and some vintage books and a few treasures and the wall truly makes a statement.
This is in her downstairs bathroom. I love her collection of ironstone pitchers!
The opposite wall of the bathroom. The buffet belonged to Barb's mother-in-law. They just had this installed and it looks awesome! Again, her vintage items with a contemporary lamp and fixture.
This is Barb's coffee table in the living room. I love the cloches. She painted the table black and I love it with the vintage sofa that she found at a thrift store quite a few years ago. It is so comfy and I don't think that old cut velvet fabric ever wears out! The rug is another find from Second Hand Rose!
A close up of one of her cloches. It houses her perfume bottles and it sits on a pedestal that she put together from some scrap pieces.
The wall across from the sofa. The chippy door less commode fits great with the simple rattan chairs. The cross was an antique store find and over the picture is a piece of trim from an old mirror.
So whadda ya think? Pretty awesome huh? And there is tons of stuff I didn't show you! So when you see Barb next let her know how much you love her home! I bet she would even share a few tips with you if you like!

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