Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away

So as all of you who live up here in Minnesota know it has rained 12 of the first 15 days of the month of June! Not all day every day - but enough to make outdoor activities iffy. Today I went out to weed my garden and it was only sprinkling - within 10 minutes it was pouring. I went inside for about half an hour and the sun came out. I went back outside and had about an hour of weeding and digging time before the skies turned black again and it started thundering. Back into the house I went and it downpoured some more. I have lakes in all area of my yard and I discovered that I am growing mushrooms in most of my gardens - a whole new crop I wasn't even aware of! Now as I write this the sun is starting to shine again - hmmmmmmmm.

The July sale is only a couple of weeks away and most of us make good use of our driveways, porches and lawns during the summer to work on our projects. We make good use of the flea markets, garage sales, rummage sales and yard sales that poke up all over. We have had a couple of good days at the flea market - but most of this month the flea markets were rained out or there were very few vendors braving the weather. I have seen lots of garage sale signs and discovered that quite a few of them closed up or didn't open at all cuz they didn't have enough covered area. We have been working on projects in the garage or in the kitchen - but with the dampness comes humidity and nothing is drying! The lumber for building is stacked neatly and wetly in the back work area and would dry out in a couple of days - if we could get a couple of days of warm sun. We are getting frustrated and ornery and worried. Does any of this mean that we won't be full for the July sale??? NO, NO, and NO!!!!

Cuz like all of us - we love what we do so much that we know sometimes conditions and lack of stuff slows us down and it seems that it will be absolutely impossible to pull it off. BUT then the sun will come out or we will hit one awesome auction or flea market or garage sale and it will all start to come together - first in our heads and then in our work areas and then in the shop. It will mean lots of last minute all niters - working down to the wire and just a few minutes beyond - but it will all come together and it will look awesome and in a few days we will have totally forgotten the panic - and start all over again!!

I'll be in the shop later this week and try to nab some photos of stuff in the works! Til then - stay dry!

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  1. Oh.......I want some rain!!! Just send me what you don't want (all of it is fine) and I'll hole up in the sewing room while you create great things outside of your house with dry wood and drying time! And you will find great things! How's that? I have rain boots and an umbrella... I've got you covered with my wise plan - now just send it down.

    :-D robelyn