Friday, May 7, 2010

Thursday Morning

WOW!!! When I said in our e-mail that we were so stuffed we didn't know how we were going to fit you all in on Thursday morning I didn't know you were going to take me so literally!!!! I think this was the busiest Thursday morning I can ever remember!! You guys charged in and filled the place within 5 minutes!!! We are so grateful that we have THE BEST customers in the world - you were patient with us and each other, you smiled and laughed as we all tried to skinny ourselves thru the aisles - and you even laughingly helped us get furniture thru the crowds to the front door! We couldn't get a wicker chair thru the crowds so Rose got it over her head and you all made a fireman's pass and handed it over your heads one at a time til it got to the door! You guys are really troopers!

Here you are patiently waiting outside the door til 9:00 am!!
And here you are 5 minutes later - wading thru the crowds and the great stuff - trying to grab that treasure first!!
You smile and laugh with us as we all try to maneuver with hands full of furniture, small items and plants! You joke with us and each other and everyone makes a new friend!

Waiting in line at the check outs - you willing move this way and that to let others thru and duck down when we yell "Coming thru!!" with a large piece of furniture hoisted over our heads!

Here is our grand poobah Rose herself - with her very special friend David - and their friend Sharon from Snohomish, Washington (did I spell that right????)! Sharon came to learn from Rose all there is to know about having an occasional sale - so watch out Washington - the fun is headed your way!!

Remember a couple of posts back when I told you about the Fostervold auction where I found my dad's sign and trunk and re-discovered my relatives??? Well I discovered another relative Thursday morning!! As I was helping a group of ladies we were talking and laughing and they mentioned they were from Willmar. I said do you know any Fostervolds - and she said I AM a Fostervold!!!! She is married to my cousin Pete Fostervold! She was at the auction as well - but we didn't get introduced. It really is a small world isn't it!

So thanks to one and all - another great Thursday at Second Hand Rose!! You all are so fun to be with and make our time at the shop so fun and worth while! You make us smile and laugh - and you inspire us to do more and better!!! And we re-stocked like crazy last nite - so we are again FULL, FULL, FULL for the weekend!!! Come on out and see us - and spend Mother's day with us!

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