Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Summer in the Air

Isn't this weather wonderful? It is definitely summer here in Minnesota - opening fishing last weekend, mid to upper 70 degree weather all this week, the garden centers are busy, busy, busy!! We are rushing to get ready for the June sale - it is a short month for us as the May sale was later than usual and the June one is early! Rose is taking this month off - she left for the great state of Washington today and will return the day before the sale, Sheryl is taking the month off, Dinah's sister Anna is joining us for June - and you know her stuff will be the best cuz she learned from Dinah! But don't worry folks - the rest of us are just getting more treasures ready to fill in - and yep, you will still find white even with Sheryl taking some time off!!

We are all inspired by the warm weather and being able to paint and work outside - that always makes us smile and be able to do so much more! So you know once again we'll be stuffed - and ready with all kinds of goodies to help you get your homes and cabins ready for grad parties and weddings and family reunions and barbecues - all those fun summer events!

So what have I been doing for 2 beautiful days when I should have been working on my treasures?? We have been working in our yard - got fencing up to separate our work areas from our relaxation and entertaining areas - finally!!! Now when sitting at our patio table I don't have to see all of the treasures to be stacked up at the back of the yard!! I got a ton of planting done - I have huge perennial gardens, but always have to find more and fill in with annuals and get my vegetable garden done - my rhubarb is huge this year and finally got all the tomatoes, squash, red, yellow and green peppers, cucumbers, peas, yellow and green beans, lettuces, watermelon, cantaloupe, radishes and pumpkins planted!!! Can't wait for it all to be ready to eat!! In the meantime I'll enjoy my flowers and foliage - and tomorrow I'll start on treasures for you guys!

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