Sunday, May 30, 2010

June Preview

Here it is - almost time to throw open the doors and welcome you all to the June Sale! We have tons of tun stuff - and the deck and outside areas are truly FULL!! I didn't get any photos of any of that stuff so you are going to have to be sure to scour the outside areas before you come on in.

Here are some previews - I know we'll see ya all on Thursday!

Susan with her very best helper!!
Angela trying to make sense of all the treasure she has piled up in her area - don't worry tho, she'll have it all set up before you get here on Thursday morning!

Cindy wasn't set up yet - but look at that great bed!! Can't wait to see the whole thing!

Clare wasn't set up either - but I spy lots of treasures!

I LOVE this piece in Susan's area!

And my very favorite piece in the entire store is also in Susan's area - I might have to arm wrestle you for this one!

I'm not really a white wicker person - but this chair makes my mouth water!

Memorial day tomorrow, Flag Day June 14th and then the 4th of July - we all need a flag!

Barb has this great crewel worked flag in her area - it is breathtaking
Barb also has this great plant stand in her area - hmmmm, maybe this is my favorite piece!

I like Barb's traditional look

I LOVE LOVE LOVE all of the colors in Kim's area - can you say Anthropologie?????

And more of Kim's colors

Bonnie has a great collection of vintage doll clothes...........
And lots of other fun and colorful stuff! Yep, I saw some of her houses, paintings and daisies too!

I like the green tones of this fireplace - and the bird lamp!
The fanning mill table that Mike and I made - well, Mike made and I watched!


  1. Oh - you & your 'stuff' make my heart SING!
    One of my sisters and two of her friends are there - RIGHT NOW! She shared this site with me to view from my So.Dak. home - and drool!
    Have fun! Know you will!
    Jean from mycoffeeporch in South Dakota