Sunday, May 23, 2010

June is Busting Out All Over

Today I brought my first load of stuff into SHR. I intended to work there and paint some pieces and get a little bit set up.............but instead I got just a wee bit set up and got no painting done - but did catch up with my good friend Ingie who was on her way back to the cities from Up North - and caught up with shop goings ons with Barb - and had lots of laughter - so all in all a good day - just not a productive day. BUT I did have my camera with - no one is anywhere near being set up yet (except for Barb of course!!) but I did see treasures so I thought I would share some with you!!

I just LOVE this center island from Dinah and her husband!
And this great garden or deck or sunroom cart - ooh la la!!

My new favorite piece - I just can't get enough of aqua and turquoise shades!

I would feel like a queen in this chair!

I think I would like this cupboard in my kitchen - all those fun little drawers!!

I love everything about this piece - especially the color!

And this wonderful shade of red makes my mouth water............

If I had this chair on my front porch nothing would ever get done!!

I love this gate - and I love it as a room divider between Sharon and MaryAnn. Makes you want to get a look on the other side doesn't it???
And last but not least...........not quite the golden goose but quite beautiful don't you think??

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