Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Day at the Flea Market

Have you ever been to the Wright County Swappers Meet? It is more commonly known as the Annandale or Southhaven Flea Market. It is open every Saturday morning from sometime in April (depending on weather) to sometime in October (also depending on weather!). It is a fun way to spend an early Saturday morning on any weekend - but on the three big weekends of summer (Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day) the flea market swells in size.
Yesterday it was the biggest I think I have ever seen it - but then again, can you remember the last time we had a Memorial Day weekend like this one??? Here in Minnesota very often Memorial Day weekend seems to be cold and rainy.

Our friend Peter wanted to set up as a vendor at the market so Mike decided to throw together some stuff and sell with him. I went along just to shop! The guys brought stuff out on Thursday and Friday and were there by 6am on Saturday morning - and already there were crowds. I got there about 6:30 am and was parked pretty far out in the lot. By 8 am all of the parking areas were filled beyond capacity, as was the county road that runs along side the flea market and folks were parked on the adjoining county roads - whew, never seen such crowds out there. I was glad I got there early!
The first thing I bought was a cart to tote my goodies back and forth to the car. I completely forgot to bring my wagon so was lucky to find a folding grocery cart almost immediately for only $6.00!! It saved my butt I can tell you! I took lots of photos - cuz there was lots going on - so come and take a walk with me thru the market................

Our friend Peter chatting with Bonnie - another vendor! Peter had a great spot - but that bright sunshine got mighty hot by 11 am!

Mike seemed to spend more time shopping than selling!! He sold the tools and traps he brought so he was able to go buy MORE tools........hmmmmmmm

Russ, the vendor next to us had this great cutout for sale!! It sold to a couple who love to do outside entertaining - they thought they would have a lot of fun with it! Doesn't Mike look like he is enjoying this?? Sometimes I have to twist his arm to put up with me!

Peter had a few straw hats for sale - I borrowed one when the sun got to be a little much for me! I had a great view sitting atop Peter's truck!

And there are even toilets that are not portapotties - a blue topped silo for the boys and a red topped silo for the girls. The lines were pretty long tho - not a day to wait til the last minute!!
There were probably at least 20 - 30 vendors there from various nurseries or home gardens! Every kind of annual, perennial, tree, shrub and even cut flower that you can imagine!! Always my favorite - pretty rare when I don't come home with something new for my garden! Yesterday it was three beautiful Foxglove plants. Did you know that they are a biennial if you only have one, and a perennial if you have 2 or more? You can learn lots at a flea market!
There are even pony rides for the kids - I wanted to ride one too - but when I looked at the size of them and then the size of me...............yep, guess not!!
Meet John - when of my favoritest vendors. Not there always - but he always has stuff I want - rusty, metal, unusual - and is always willing to wheel and deal!

There are all kinds of foods to buy too - like this Minnesota made gourmet mustard - and then there are the fruit and vegetable stands, the kettle corn, the cheese curds, the corn dogs, the PORK CHOPS - oh yeah, you can smell them from one end to the other and they are soooo good!! There are also mini donuts, turkey drumsticks and the food house which does breakfasts and burgers.

This is in front of my favorite place - the brat stand outside the food building. These brats are Wild Rice brats made in Clearwater. If you are not from Minnesota perhaps you haven't experienced Wild Rice - kind of a Minnesota tradition. And when you add it to a brat - the best thing EVER!!! If you can't get enough of them, go to McDonald's Meats in Clearwater - you won't regret it!!

Some of the crowds looking out from Peter's set up!

And looking out the other direction from Peter's area! I think the vendors that had tent covers were probably pretty happy - shade was in short supply!

Great stuff wherever you look - everything can be found there - food, animals (yep, we saw puppies and bunnies for sale ), clothing, jewelry, furniture, tools, plants, junk, good junk, stuff for your home, stuff for your cabin, stuff for your workshop, stuff for presents, stuff to fill you tummy, stuff to wear - it is just fun, fun, fun! Hope you can make it out here one of these Saturday mornings!


  1. Glad to drop in and visit with you. this is a fun post...come and visit,

    kitsch n Stuff

  2. Looks like a fun place to visit. I love flea markets. Antique Rose

  3. The only thing Peter needs is some duct tape on that umbrella.


    You are just taunting me now with the flea market and food information... I wonder if my pony would make it that far North? hee-hee

    Sounds and LOOKS like you guys had a ball!!! I've added it to my list of "get there immediately" locations.

    ;-) robelyn