Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Summertime Snippets!

Today I finally got my gardens raked out - and there was stuff growing under the leaves!! Not just weeds either! I have buds on my tulips, one crocus is blooming, my poppies are popping up everywhere, my roses are coming back, irises and lilies are everywhere and my peonies are making a major comeback! Such an exciting time of year don't you think?
But that isn't all that is going on...................I stopped by the shop the other day and was starting to see movement and growth for the May sale! MaryAnn had brought in a huge old bench that would look great on any front porch or in a garden (well, actually I thought it would look good in MY garden!). I saw a great little pinkish chippy painted farm table and some great chippy painted metal chairs that would be good inside or out!
Mike and I have been working on a few things too.............I'll give you a sneak peek and see if you can figure them out!


  1. Oh... I see a bowling ball... do you have the bag that came in? LOL

    And I see fan blades that could become Happy Daisies...

    I can't garden (black couple of thumbs here!) but I can live vicariously through yours!!!

    ;-) robelyn

  2. I am loving the green and red drawered piece. Good stuff! And indeed! When are you and Mr. Flannery renting a U-haul and hitting Texas? Come on down! ~Mindy