Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Few New Pics from The April Sale

I was in the shop today doing some last minute stuff and I had my camera with me and it had FRESH batteries!! So thought I would add a couple more shots!!


  1. Kris - The mini-incubator is too cool. I've never seen such a thing and I've been to at least a dozen auctions in my life.

  2. Kris, What a great week to have a sale. I love warm weather. Everything looks so great and thank you for the "pig" book....Claire

  3. LOVE YOUR SHOP, and the name is cool to. Hope you have a good sale this month. Stop by for a vist. xo Mary

  4. Kris - I'm with Mr. Flannery... I'm drooling over the incubator!!! Oh my gosh - please tell me it went to a good home!!! LOL

    I'm glad your sale was a success!!! I would have been stampeding along with everyone else! LOL

    Have a wonderful Monday!!!
    ;-) robelyn