Saturday, December 5, 2009

Santa's Little Helpers

Hmmmm - whaddya think? Vanity they name is NOT Kris - cuz if it were I would never wear a silly nose!! Apparently it is NOT Rose either - but the nose DID blink - it was pretty awesome!! Susan listening earnestly to one of our many customers. Cindy with her Ummmhmmmm look (oh we are gonna miss you girl!!). Susan, Kris, Dinah and Cindy enjoying our day (thank goodness for friends willing to help us out by taking photos!!) Sometimes I think we have WAY TOO MUCH FUN to call this work!!!!


  1. Ooohhh....I can FEEL the holiday spirit just jumping right out of my screen!!! Love it! Second Hand Rose is my all time favorite shop in your neck of the woods...just wish I was a bit closer!

    By the way, Kris, my middle son has always liked being out and tinkering with things, so he has always been good help when he's available. A good meal is usually all he expects. I'll miss him next year when he's off to college! My youngest...all bribes.

  2. I had SOOO much fun working on Saturday (it will not be my last, I promise!!). Thanks to Susan, Kris, Dinah, Rose, Bonnie...and of course all of our wonderful customers who make Second Hand Rose the BEST shop in the entire country. I will miss you ALL but I won't be a stranger! Much Love, Cindy (#84)

  3. It looks like a job dreams are made of. I love to shop in a happy store where everyone is having a blast. It looks like a fun place to be.

    Ya'll have a terrifically blessed day from the hills and hollers of the Ozarks!!!

  4. Finally a comment from the "PooBah" herself!!
    We had the 09 Christmas gathering at my house last night. It was so great having good cheer and conversaton with all of my great dealers and to leave business discussions behind. Not all of our dealers could come. Cindy, you had gifts waiting for you , not to mention some reluctant "good bye's". We will all miss you so much. Cindy played a huge roll in the growth of Second Hand Rose. We all wish her the best of success.
    Happy Holidays to all. Rose

  5. Now for a business post.
    I am looking for at least two new dealers for Second Hand Rose. These dealers will have a "test" period of three months. They must sell items similiar to those in our shop and MUST know how to set up, sell items in our price range, be able to work at least ten hours during the sale and be willing to be part of the best group of dealers in the area! Contact Rose

  6. I can only imagine the fun and laughs are your party, Rose! What a great group you all are - I still consider myself a little part of it there....
    Happy Holidays to all of you, TERESA