Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Merry Christmas To All!

Well folks, we made it thru the December sale and had SOOOO much fun! Thanks to all of our wonderful customers and dealers who helped make our Christmas Party sale a big success and lots and lots of FUN!

As you know, we are taking the month of January off. Yep, NO sale in January. We are going to take some time to sing Christmas carols, drink egg nog, light our homes, get to know our families, go out to lunch, do laundry, visit Santa Claus, take long winter naps, throw snowballs and then after all of that we will be busy building, painting, designing, re-purposing and having WAY TOO MUCH FUN making fun and funky stuff for our February 2010 sale!

We hope you all have a wonderful, warm, peaceful, joyously love filled holiday and we expect to see you all on February 4, 2010!!

Rose, Barb & David, Kris & Mike, Sheryl & Steve, Susan, Bonnie, MaryAnn, Cindy, Angela, Dinah, Pat, Lanette, Sue, Ted, Coralyn, Denise and Marvel


  1. I hope you ALL enjoy your time off!!! Much deserved and I betcha the February sale is going to be that much more fun!!!

    ;-) Robelyn

  2. Oops...how about a great Feb. sale!!!