Thursday, December 24, 2009

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

With Warmest Wishes for a holly, jolly, warm and friendly, cozy, love filled, laughter filled, memory making, everything you wish for, blessed Christmas!
From the Second Hand Rose Gang to You!


  1. Oh my gosh... sooooooo many opportunities for me to stop, drop and make one heck of a Snow Angel...

    I hope you and your family and ALL OF YOU have a WONDERFUL AND MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! And please, will ya'll send me a picture of a snow angel? The dessert-like ones I make in the mud here just don't have the same appeal...

    ;-) Merry Christmas!

  2. MERRY CHRISTMAS, HAPPY HOLIDAYS, GLAD JUL from ROSE. I don't make New Year resolutions but I promise that I will try to comment more in 2010. Kris does a great job and I am so appreciate her for all of the great work she does for SHR but since I am the "ROSE" in SHR I really should put in my two cents worth now and then. I am not one to sit at the computer and when I do I usually mess it up, delete things,etc. I can always find more interesting things to do. What are the new colors for 2010? What fad is "in"? What is "out"? What new trend are we going to follow? We have all had a wonderful break and now will be getting back to work. We will have at least two new dealers in 2010. I will introduce them before the next sale.
    In looking over the blog I must issue a disclaimer! For the Christmas party I had put together a rough "smokers section" in my basement. I really did have a pretty mantel , tree and interesting guest upstairs too! I say this only to let you know that I don't live in a basement! Now you know!
    I just found this quote by Judy Garland and am going to remind myself of this many times in the new year. "ALWAYS BE A FIRST-RATE VERSION OF OURSELF, INSTEAD OF A SECOND-RATE VERSION OF SOMEBODY ELSE." That is good advice for everyone if you ask me!
    See you in February!! ROSE