Saturday, October 10, 2009

Note from MaryAnn

MaryAnn Netland is one of the sweetest, kindest, just plain nicest persons you could ever hope to meet. We are incredibly lucky to have her as a SHR dealer. This weekend she is doing the GATHERING OF FRIENDS show at Bachman's main site in Richfield. It should be lots of fun and lots of good stuff - if you get a chance, go out and say hi to MaryAnn! And now the note from MaryAnn:

Hi Kris...Will you do me a favor and put this message on SHR blog until i learn how to do it? I'm doing the GOF show at Bachman's this weekend and running into alot of our customers from SHR. They come to me and say " I know you" and we always end up that we've met at SHR. Our SHR customers are so friendly and, enjoy themselves wherever they are.It has been a joy to "bump" into them this week; we always end up laughing..It's a real lift to the day. Thanks to all SHR customers who approach me and say" I know you"....MaryAnn

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