Monday, October 26, 2009

An Award for little ol' us???

WOW!! Lanette of Cottage Elements ( awarded us the HONEST SCRAP award! See her quote below:

"Lastly, but certainly not least, Rose of Second Hand Rose. Another new blogger, but she's getting it for all she has done in the Twin Cities Metro Area (Mpls/St Paul) for starting the whole occasional sale craze. Where would we all be if it wasn't for her. You go girl! "

So now we are supposed to 1. Thank our nominator and give her a nod; 2. Tell you 10 honest things about us; 3. nominate 7 other bloggers and let them know we have given them this award.

First one - easy - THANK YOU VERY MUCH LANETTE!!! If you haven't checked out Lanette's blog be sure to do so - she is one talented lady and we are very lucky to have her joining us this month and going forward at SHR!

Second - 10 honest things about us...........hmmmm, since I do most of the writing I guess I could tell you 10 honest things about me (Kris) but I bet you would rather know some things about SHR! So here goes................

1. We are all friends who share our personal ups and downs as easily as we share our junkin' ups and downs.

2. We all look up to Rose - she is a great leader, the best at making something out of nothing, and truly a good friend to all of us.

3. We are all a little crazy - and I mean that very seriously! We long ago came to the realization that to be creative and willing to do just about ANYTHING to get the piece of junk that you want - well you just have to be a little crazy!

4. You can't be really good at this if you are not PASSIONATE about junkin' - it doesn't have to be your main source of family income - but it has to be more than just a hobby.

5. Our 2 blond bombshells (Sheryl and Gail) are GRANDMOTHERS!

6. Rose went SKYDIVING on her last birthday for the first time ever - she was like 67 or 68 this year. I told you we are crazy!!

7. Almost all of us are also really good cooks!

8. All of us have either a husband or a very significant other (or in Ted's case a wife!)

9. We all believe that a really good drill is a NECESSITY to every day living.

10. There is no place else on the earth that we would rather be a part of than SHR.

Okay, whew - now that's done. So as far as nominating 7 other bloggers - since we are rather new to this whole blogging thing don't know if that is possible. But I can share a couple spots that I am getting to know and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE!!

Cottage Elements - Lanette's spot is beautiful and inspiring

Hogs and Roses - just a lot of fun from a man's perspective

Red.Neck Chick - she is a gal from Texas and I want to know her!! My oh my she makes me laugh out loud - I think I want to spend a weekend with her - sounds like a hoot!

Okay - hopefully the links are here and you can find these other spots!

Catch you all later,


  1. I am sure that you notice that Kris posted the above commments at 12:35 AM!!! What dedication. I thank Lynette for the award and the nice comments. Kris too EXCEPT I must correct her. I am 66. Sixty six is NOT old, 68 is to close to 70.However, by then I will have five jumps under my belt!

  2. Okay...I am NOT a good cook, so the week-end that I come raid your crazy farm up north (“Insane people are always sure that they are fine. It is only the sane people who are willing to admit that they are crazy.” - and I is crazy!!!)you're going to have to cook - I seem to have pyroistic tendencies in the kitchen...

    And the sky diving? OH MY GOSH - I WANT TO GO!!! Do they duct tape up the parachutes? HA!

    Thank You Thank You for the award!!! You are on the top of my list of: "must go there immediately" places!!! I'll warn you in advance that I'll be loitering for HOURS! Heck, Days!!!

    Here's one of my favorites: "My friends and I are crazy. That's the only thing that keeps us sane."

    ;-) Thanks Again!!!