Saturday, October 31, 2009


Here are a few more photos from the November sale starting this coming Thursday! Hope you all enjoy!

It's November Sale Time!!

Hey everyone - the November sale starts this coming Thursday and it is our BIGGEST sale of the year. Seems when it comes to holiday decorating and gift giving you folks just can't get enough of us!! AND WE LOVE IT! Here are a few sneak peaks for the upcoming sale - I'll give you more as we all get set up! ENJOY!

Monday, October 26, 2009

An Award for little ol' us???

WOW!! Lanette of Cottage Elements ( awarded us the HONEST SCRAP award! See her quote below:

"Lastly, but certainly not least, Rose of Second Hand Rose. Another new blogger, but she's getting it for all she has done in the Twin Cities Metro Area (Mpls/St Paul) for starting the whole occasional sale craze. Where would we all be if it wasn't for her. You go girl! "

So now we are supposed to 1. Thank our nominator and give her a nod; 2. Tell you 10 honest things about us; 3. nominate 7 other bloggers and let them know we have given them this award.

First one - easy - THANK YOU VERY MUCH LANETTE!!! If you haven't checked out Lanette's blog be sure to do so - she is one talented lady and we are very lucky to have her joining us this month and going forward at SHR!

Second - 10 honest things about us...........hmmmm, since I do most of the writing I guess I could tell you 10 honest things about me (Kris) but I bet you would rather know some things about SHR! So here goes................

1. We are all friends who share our personal ups and downs as easily as we share our junkin' ups and downs.

2. We all look up to Rose - she is a great leader, the best at making something out of nothing, and truly a good friend to all of us.

3. We are all a little crazy - and I mean that very seriously! We long ago came to the realization that to be creative and willing to do just about ANYTHING to get the piece of junk that you want - well you just have to be a little crazy!

4. You can't be really good at this if you are not PASSIONATE about junkin' - it doesn't have to be your main source of family income - but it has to be more than just a hobby.

5. Our 2 blond bombshells (Sheryl and Gail) are GRANDMOTHERS!

6. Rose went SKYDIVING on her last birthday for the first time ever - she was like 67 or 68 this year. I told you we are crazy!!

7. Almost all of us are also really good cooks!

8. All of us have either a husband or a very significant other (or in Ted's case a wife!)

9. We all believe that a really good drill is a NECESSITY to every day living.

10. There is no place else on the earth that we would rather be a part of than SHR.

Okay, whew - now that's done. So as far as nominating 7 other bloggers - since we are rather new to this whole blogging thing don't know if that is possible. But I can share a couple spots that I am getting to know and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE!!

Cottage Elements - Lanette's spot is beautiful and inspiring

Hogs and Roses - just a lot of fun from a man's perspective

Red.Neck Chick - she is a gal from Texas and I want to know her!! My oh my she makes me laugh out loud - I think I want to spend a weekend with her - sounds like a hoot!

Okay - hopefully the links are here and you can find these other spots!

Catch you all later,

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Thinking Christmas

Okay, okay - I know it is not even Halloween yet - but since the November sale at SHR is our biggest sale of the year - with TONS of Christmas stuff going out the door - Christmas is big time on my mind. I've got lots of fun and funky junk to work with for my area - just check out the photos!!!! Now what do clocks, watch faces, keys, and miscellaneous tools and stuff have to do with Christmas?????????? Wait and see.............................
REMEMBER - our motto at SHR is never, Never, NEVER look at something for what it is - look at it for what it's possibilities are!!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Stuff and More Stuff!!

Been to a couple of great auctions lately and cleaned out one of our sheds and came up with all of these goodies!!! The van is loaded with just enough room for me (well, actually there is still about 10" of space that I will end up filling with something!) and I will be headed into the shop tomorrow with the first load of my goodies. Some of them need to be painted - but one of the best things about SHR is the ability to work at the shop. I think that is not an option at some places - but that goodness it is cuz my house is full and tiny!!! In the summer I work in my yard as much as possible, but in the winter everything is done in our one car garage/workshop and at the kitchen center island that Mike built. I have become very adept at painting a piece of furniture on one end of the island and making dinner on the other end! Speaking of which - my house is smelling wonderfully like meatloaf and baking squash - better go check on it. Just wait til the November sale to see what all of these goodies turn out to be - sometimes I don't even know til it just happens!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Note from MaryAnn

MaryAnn Netland is one of the sweetest, kindest, just plain nicest persons you could ever hope to meet. We are incredibly lucky to have her as a SHR dealer. This weekend she is doing the GATHERING OF FRIENDS show at Bachman's main site in Richfield. It should be lots of fun and lots of good stuff - if you get a chance, go out and say hi to MaryAnn! And now the note from MaryAnn:

Hi Kris...Will you do me a favor and put this message on SHR blog until i learn how to do it? I'm doing the GOF show at Bachman's this weekend and running into alot of our customers from SHR. They come to me and say " I know you" and we always end up that we've met at SHR. Our SHR customers are so friendly and, enjoy themselves wherever they are.It has been a joy to "bump" into them this week; we always end up laughing..It's a real lift to the day. Thanks to all SHR customers who approach me and say" I know you"....MaryAnn

Friday, October 9, 2009

My Backyard

Looking out to my backyard in St. Cloud at 1am on Saturday, October10. OH NO - say it ain't so!!!!

October Sale - A winner!!

Well folks - we made it thru another sale and now we come to our big push guessed it........CHRISTMAS!!! November is always our biggest sale of the year with lots of fun Christmas decorating items and ideas, tons of good Christmas presents, and lots of great furniture that you just gotta have to host those great holiday parties - you know a great buffet, awesome dining table, more chairs, new lamps, cubbies for all of your goodies! We are working hard already to bring you the best this coming month.

I have attached some October photos of our great customers and dealers - as usual our Thursday morning was jam packed full of fun people. If you have never shopped here on a Thursday morning - you really should give it a try! It is a little (ok, maybe a LOT) crowded - but it is a lot of fun!

So about the photos - Meet Susan Gorr in the first photo - one of our top dealers and a friend to everyone - especially if you have a tail, four legs and bark!! The next one is Barb Pursley with our current shoplifter Kjell Fostervold - my 24 year old son who helps out but wanted to be incognito!! Next note two of our dealers Pat Carver - who sells in many venues and we are so glad to have her with us - she is very friendly, upbeat and knows a lot about REAL antiques!! With her is Sheryl Comee - one of our hot mamas!! Believe it or not she is also a grandma! After them is Gail Walden - our other HOT MAMA - and soon to be grandma! Gail has this real life demanding job so she is only with us every few months or so - we miss her when she is not around cuz she has a GREAT sense of humor and keep us all in stitches! Check out her pillows and upholstery work - she really does keep us in stitches!
After Gail - meet our next generation of SHR shoppers!! We love to see them come in - we have been watching some kids grow from babies to toddlers to school age kids. We all love to see them come in. After the kids we have the Quester International Antique Club from St. Peter, Minnesota. This club has been going strong for 50 years and we were thrilled to have them come to visit with us! And last - a photo of the crowded desk on Thursday morning!!