Monday, September 30, 2013

More from October at SHR!

 Lots of warm and cozy color this month - and plenty of signs!!
 Love this incredible headboard - stands about 6 feet tall.  I like it as an architectural piece too!
 Beautiful harvest table made by one of our dealers - and a set of 6 mid-century chairs too.
 Cute bench for your entry.
 This harvest table and matching bench was also built by one of our dealers and it is 10' long!!!  It was made from old farm truck sides - but has been all cleaned up and sealed to keep that incredible color!
 Love these colors - and the Chevy dashboard piece - and the chair - and the wicked witch!
 Love the deep orange colors I am seeing.
 Soft, soft greys.
 Perfect smaller size china cupboard.
 What a fun color on this bench!
 So many fun smalls of course!
 More cozy colors.
 Incredible detail on this table.
 Beautiful black bed - and lots of matching black pieces!
 One of Kari's great cupboards.  Love the yellow!
 How inviting is this!
 Gorgeous quilt!
 Love the green easel!
 These are new old-stock pails.  Found in the basement of an old hardware store that had been closed up for years.  But they had never been put out for sale!
 Small metal horsey!
 Great buffet and love the red leaved branches!
 I'm kinda in love with this birdcage!
 Chalkboards are always in demand!
 Love, love, love this chair!
 In love with it all!
 Gorgeous upholstered chair - and the dresser in the corner!
 Beautiful buffet and shelf with vintage tin insert!
 Love this corner.
 Lots of feathers and antlers this month. 
 Suitcases - always a hot item.
 More feathers!
 Nothing like a little rat under glass!
 Todays menu!!
Great window treatment idea!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

October Warmth at SHR!

 The October sale begins this Thursday (October 3-4-5-6) and we are working hard to bring you warm and cozy, casual elegance!  Let's see what you think!!  How about company for dinner??
 Beautiful set of chairs.
 What a gorgeous dress form!
 A beautiful pair of night stands.
 I am in love with this piece!!
 Great pair of lamps - and a gorgeous basket too!
 Love these beautiful black pieces.
 Sweet metal twin size bed.
 Great workbench.
 What a fun and funky table!!  Horse hame legs and horseshoe feet!
 Beautiful cupboard.
 Love this arrangement.
 Love the pop of green in the background.
 Oh what a pretty little drawered table.
 Incredible korbels!
 Lots of fun color outside this month!  And we will be fully stocked with mums and pumpkins and gourds too!
 Fun little sleigh - fill it with hay bales and pumpkins this month and greens next month!
It has a great buckboard seat too!