Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Olde Depot Junktion Show is This Weekend!

 The Olde Depot Junktion event is in Brainerd this Saturday and Sunday!  This event is put on by Brad and Amy Johnson, owners of SHR; Massie Creek of Nisswa and The Red Umbrella of Nisswa.  You won't want to miss this one folks!!  Set up started today - but most of the vendors will be coming in tomorrow.  We hauled 4 loads up there today and will be back tomorrow to set it all up.  I ran around and snapped a ton of photos so you can see just a fraction of all the great "junk" that will be available!  Go to The Olde Depot Junktion website or facebook page to get all of the details - believe me, it will be worth the trip!!
 Great harvest tables!
 SHR has a huge area - all of which belongs to Brad and Amy, Becky and Jim, and Karen.  Mike and Kris have their own spot, as does Peter, Pat and Rochelle!
 Up north looks!
 Huge harvest table with two benches.
 The center piece of the SHR spot.
 LOVE the bellows coffee table!
 Awesome chair!

 Tons of these small stained glass windows.
 Signs of all kinds.
 Big signs too!

 Lots of great galvanized items.
 Like this set!

 This beautiful coffee table is a Wayne Massie original!  He is one talented guy!
 Great bar set.
 I am SOOOOO in love with these metal chairs from Massie Creek!
 Awesome workbench!
 Olive buckets!
 The building itself is a beautiful backdrop.
 Love the brick walls!

 Always trust your car to the man who wears the star!!!  This is from Retro Salvage Garage - and he is bringing his truck right inside the building!
 Brad trying to drive the lift - and the boys hanging on for dear life!

 We are all soooo in love with this awesome ladder from Paris!  Never seen anything like it!  PJ of The Red Umbrella has some beautiful one of a kind items!

 Feeling a little beachy? The Red Umbrella has you covered (pun intended!).
 Our very own Pat has awesome items!

 Love this piece of Pat's!

 Looking up from the dinner area!  I think the Saturday nite dinner is going to be out of this world!  So looking forward to it!
 This is a big red plastic throne!!!  I think I need one in my yard!!!  It is so funny!
 These gals Ruth and Stephanie have awesome stuff!  I can't remember where they are from - I think maybe Lindstrom.

 Love this old register!

 A couple gals from Crosby - man do they have a huge selection of upholstery fabric!

 Never seen anything quite like this urn/vase/planter thing!
 LOVE old mailboxes!
 This doors are HUGE!!  You can open just the bottom or just the top.  I can walk in the bottom and not hit my head on the top section - I think the bottom section is almost 6 feet tall!
 LOVE this set made from wine kegs.
 Nothing like live plants!
 Lots of letters!
 And more letters!
 Awesome old kayak!
 Vintage instruments.
 Great old fencing.
 Such a pretty bed!
 Gotta love vintage grocery carts!
 Beautiful corbels - and great old gingerbread in this spot too!
 In case you are wondering where you are!
 Great bar table with two of these great chairs!
 Here is where you will enter the building!
 Love the looks of the outsides of the buildings!
 Technically these are antique screw jacks.  I think they look like lighthouses!
 Fun old stove piece turned side table.
 Cubbies - there are a few!

 Lots of metal!
Even great places to sit and rest at the Blood Mary Bar!!  Altho this chair is not at the bar - but it is for sale!