Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Little Black Friday Teaser!

 We are working our fingers to the bone trying to get SHR ready to be open on Black Friday. Not much has actually made it in to the store yet - but I did find a few things!  Like this cute little cupboard that came in - kinda cottagey, kinda deco, kinda cute!
 Saw this awesome set of chairs - and gorgeous round table in the background.  I don't know if these chairs are going to be painted or re-covered or both or neither - but I did check them out and can vouch for their sturdiness and comfort!
 What a beautiful armoire!
 Look at this 2 piece gray cupboard.  She is a beaut!
 Love the detail on this little shelf.
 A pair of fluted columns - they are gorgeous!
 Looks like this table is still a work in progress - but look at the great legs!  Can't wait to see the finished product!
 Some awfully nice and cozy flannel and wool shirts and jackets - even some Pendleton!
 Love this table - great metal industrial bottom with barnwood top.
 Christmas dishes!
 Very large sugar cones!
 Handmade Christmas cards!
 The perfect drink set for your next cocktail party!
 Christmas quilts!
 We do love vintage ornaments!
 Love the paper wreath!
 How's that for a unique Christmas tree?
 Vintage Christmas linens!
Love this crate - perhaps filled with greens and berries and birch or maybe tucked under the tree brimming with gifts?  Endless possibilities!

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