Monday, October 1, 2012

October's Outdoor Lounge!

 We have filled our front Outdoor Lounge area and deck with wonderful treasures to use indoors and out.  We then added layers of pumpkins and beautiful leaves and plants to make all of our items look even better than ever!  Come and take a look - and imagine some of these pumpkins on your porch or by your door or in the center of your table!
Such a nice cozy bed for some long cool weather naps!
 Benches and carts - perfect for fall decor!  Next month - add greens and berries and pine boughs.
 What a great sign - and that chair is so comfy you won't want to get up - it rocks!  A nice little dresser for storage and a place to set your cocoa - and you are set!
 We love the upholstered ottoman/coffee table!  And that mid-century, danish modern black leather couch - with two matching chairs - THE BOMB!!!!
 The set is so comfy - I know - I had a nice long break in that chair today!
 Of course I tried out this one too - just to be sure!
 Bonnie art!!  And a great ladder to use as an easel!
 Love the reds and oranges and golds.
 How about that great bench in an entryway or on the porch or at the end of a bed?

 Looking in at our lounge!
 This half round table on a sewing machine base is perfect as a desk or console table or dinner for two!
 What a great black bench - and how about a chicken crate as a coffee table?
 Another great bench - perfect on your deck or porch.  And a great place to put a pumpkin and a mum - or a scarecrow!!  And then how about a Santa and a pot of greens?  Later an Easter bunny and then into daffodils!
 We do love metal carts - perfect anywhere!
 We pretty much love metal anything!
 That great cart - made from an old milk cart base!
 So nice!
 The deck is filled with great treasures - like that awesome fireplace insert - and box on wheels - and how about a red birdbath?  I think it would look great at Christmas filled with ornaments and greens!
 Corn pickers - always right!
 Sinks as displays, sinks as birdbaths, sinks filled with pumpkins and gourds, sinks filled with ornaments and greens - the uses are endless!
 Wire baskets - perfect anywhere!
 The only nightmare you will have is if you DON'T make it in for the October sale!

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