Friday, September 7, 2012

September Saturday - An Entire City of Fun!!

 Come on out and spend your entire Saturday in Buffalo.  Second Hand Rose has re-stocked and we are still FULL of great treasures to take home with you and even more full of great decorating ideas for you to use in your own homes.  The weather will be perfect for shopping and we are ready to help you carry and load and decide which item is just perfect for you.
Bring your friends and family out with you on Saturday cuz Buffalo is full of going ons for your entire family.  Start your day at the Buffalo Farmers Market downtown - they have great baked good and tons of fresh veggies.  The Lions are having their Pancake Breakfast down their this Saturday too - so you will have a full stomach to shop on!  There will be live music at the market from 10 to noon to keep you entertained as well.  Take some time to head on back to SHR to do your shopping, then head on back downtown to check out the other shops.  Pick up a to-go lunch at BJ's Deli and take it over to Sturges Park for a picnic at the lake.  The park is the site of the 4th annual Classics By The Lake - 800 cars for you to ooooh and aaaaah over - and live music there too!  When you are done there, head on back to SHR for one last time thru - just to make sure you haven't missed anything!  What a great family and friends day - and the weather will be perfect for all of these great outdoor festivities!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

September - Cozy, Comfy, Colorful!

 This month we are all about feathering your nest with coziness and comfort and color!  Autumn is here - bright blue skies, cool nights, colorful leaves, football, bonfires - the best time of the year!  We have everything you could need to help turn your home into the perfect cozy spot for autumn entertaining!  Like this great cubby - perfect in any kitchen or dining room.  Or how about in your office or craft room?  Add some straw bales to your decorating - we've got them!
 Set up a cozy corner for reading and writing.  Some great paintings, old books and a vintage typewriter add so much interest to a desk area.
 This is a framed feed bag - perfect for the horse person in your life.
 Fall dining - fall dining room decorating!  A milk can with berry laden branches makes an incredible centerpiece.
 This old bed spring threaded with grapevine brings interest up to add height to any room.
 Globes are wonderful anywhere - but a whole grocery cart of them makes a stunning display in that empty corner.
 Another great cubby in a beautiful soft blue/gray color.
 The perfect center island piece.  And the bicycle..........we all LOVE to use bicycles in our decorating - inside and outside of the house.  Hang on on the wall or from the ceiling.  Got a large entryway or foyer?  Lean one casually against the wall. Use the basket to catch mail or fill it with seasonal decorations.  They look great along a fence or propped up against a tree or a porch post.  the uses are limitless!
 This great 3 piece black wicker set is perfect for outside fall entertaining.  Or inside your garden room - turn it into a fall harvest room with some cozy and rich colors.
 We love the caramel color on this mantel.  Put it on your front porch - fill the opening with baskets of mums and pumpkins.  Or use it in your living room - stack some logs in a basket - or blankets or seasonal decorations.  Mantels add so much to a dining area too - set a small table or bench in the opening filled with candles for ambiance - or how about in your bedroom?  Just the idea of a fireplace adds coziness and character to any room.
 Jim has more of his HOME blocks again this month!
 Who says hutches have to be in a dining room?  How awesome is this for your bath?  Or use it in the kitchen to display your dishes.  It makes a great bookcase in a library or office too. 

 Stained glass windows - perfect for any season in any room!
 Great antique jelly cupboard - lots of storage for those items that maybe aren't quite pretty enough to have out on the shelves!
 LOVE the color on this little table.  Her curvy legs are quite beautiful - and an unexpected pop of color can make any room.
 Small chicken incubator turned end table or small coffee table.  We love the higher heights for coffee tables - so useable that way.
 We have some great clock faces - this one is 45" in diameter - what a great statement piece over a mantel or console table or desk!
 Perfect bar - inside storage as well.
 Love this great seasonal decoration.  The great thing about it is the ease in which you can change it up for the next holiday or season!
 Letters, books, urns and feathers.  Some of our favorite things to decorate with - and all of them can work in any decor.
 There are a pair of these beautiful walnut twin size beds.  I can see a gorgeous guest room!
 Suitcases and trunks.............we love them, we love the feeling of mystery and adventure they provide.
 Great storage piece on top of a great warehouse cart and deer hide - three items that can be used in so many ways.
 Bonnie paintings - yep, we got em!
 And fun number art - we have that too!
 Signs????  You know we have them as well.
 So much to love here!
 Books - we do love our books!
 The charcoal color on this dresser is out of this world!  A nice change from black and still so neutral.
 This great piece has tin fronted drawers!
 How sweet would this little corner piece be in your dining room?
 Live edge table on great vintage metal base - what every decor needs.
 And Bonnie's pumpkins!

September means Upholstered Beauty!

We love our upholstered pieces at SHR - and this month we have quite a few to choose from.  This gorgeous couch for example - freshly upholstered with a down filled cushion.  It is so comfortable and yet so firm.  You will want to plop right in and put your feet up on this great upholstered ottoman/coffee table!  What a statement the pair of them would make in your home!

 We love this vintage curved couch too.  The other end is armless for even more seating - or the perfect place to set a tray of goodies.  This piece is in mint condition - guaranteed to make you fall in love!
 Love the great updated upholstery job on this vintage chair.  Truly a statement piece.
 This beautiful antique settee has been newly upholstered in linen.  She is drop dead gorgeous folks!
 Gail is back with her great upholstered pieces too - burlap covered chair and ottoman.  And how about that round oversized black and white upholstered ottoman.  What a perfect coffee table that also translates into extra seating.
 This sweet little brown chair would be perfect in your dressing room!
 Newly upholstered linen occasional chair.  Just the right back height for supreme comfort.
 Original upholstery on this great ottoman - what's not to love!
Isn't this polka dot piece a beauty?  And there are a couple of pillows that match her perfectly!