Monday, July 30, 2012

August - It's All About Small Style!

 While we know you love our tables and cupboards and chairs and tables and beds and dressers and all of the other GReAT furniture items always available at SHR - it is our unique "small style" and set up that brings many of you back month after month.  Here's to our August Small Style!!  Nothing like urns and cloches - and all of the fun you can have decorating with them.
 Bring nature indoors.  Nothing like plants and organic pieces to add life to a room.
 Mix and match styles and textures and sheens.  A mirror as a tray is ALWAYS a good thing.
 We are all suckers for clocks at SHR - every size and style we can get our hands on.
 We all love game boards, game pieces, game parts - anything to do with having FUN!  Take this home and add a little fun to your rooms.
 Cloches don't have to be glass and curvy - this metal mesh pyramid is a great piece on it's own - and then becomes a great way to highlight a favorite piece.
 So many unique ways to frame a print or photo - and we'll come up with new ones every time!
Steam punk art at it's finest!  Can you see what he is?  Trying for that perfect shot!  And perfect in any game room or man cave.
 Isn't she sweet?
 Now this is a lampshade to write home about!
 Ah yes - here we go with our clock fetish again!  And we love bits and pieces of architecture too.
 Green plants - green apples.  Organic - natural - living - add some life to your rooms.
 Phone's for you honey!
 We love suitcases - there uses are endless.  This sweet little travel case has most all of it's girlie goodies still inside.
 Tea time?  Coffee time?  How about a little me time?
 Doesn't get much finer than crystal.
 Unless it's crystal with dripping crystals!
 We all need a little help sometimes!
 Sometimes more help than other times!!
 And even more help??? 
 This map is awesome - from the early 1900's.  Love the font.
 Oklahoma still hadn't grown to it's full potential!
 Pheasant feathers.  Just pheasant feathers.  We love them.
 This is the top of a sweet little footstool.
 Jars and bottles - you really can't have too many.  And they go anywhere with any style.
 Hmmmmm, how does it go??  A little song, a little dance, a little seltzer down the pants!!
 Mason jars.  They do a body good.
 Framed portions of feed sacks.  Great artwork.
 Advertising tins, pails and cans.  One million and one uses - and great color to boot.
One last cloche.  One last mention of greenery.  We can't help ourselves.

Hot August Parties!

 We are almost done setting up the outside front and deck areas.  Plants still to come and some final tweaking - but still - come along for the tour!  We managed to find some spots to add Bonnie's artwork to  our outside areas too.  You could do the same on your deck or patio - or just take it in the house!
 This great bed is a great place for a summer time nap!  Put it on your front porch or your guest room and add a bunch of pillows.  It opens up to a full size too so you can snuggle with that person of your choice - or lots of little persons and a puppy!
 Look at that great metal table top - is it awesome or what!!  It would make a great statement indoors or outdoors.  Add some color with a Bonnie painting and you are half way there!
 This bar height table is perfect for parties - and who doesn't like to party!
 See that great piece on top of the ladder?  That is the top of a chicken brooder.  It would be fantastic hanging anywhere!
 Nothing like a pile of galvanized!
 A day at the cabin - we can help you with that look too - whether it is in your cabin, home or yard!
 Set your lifeguard up in style!  Put this on your beach or near the rivers edge.  What a great place to watch the world go by.
 A great Ted console piece.  And we love using the metal grate as a back drop.  It would look great on any wall - or make a great space divider in an open concept room.
 Let's hang out together with some ice tea, a few magazines and share our stories - we've got the perfect place to sit!
 Ladders make great display pieces - so do cubbies!  We've got you covered with both of them!
 Another great place to have a glass of wine and share some girl talk!  Love the red glass top on that table!
 Wanna go for a bike ride?
 In your entryway, on your porch, in your sun room, at the end of a bed, at the lake shore or near the river's edge - this bench can go anywhere you can imagine!
 This is our favorite corner of the deck.  It is so cozy!
 What a beautiful bed!
 A little fabric and greenery can add so much to a deck.
 Doesn't it look like a fun place to hang out?  You won't want to miss the deck this sale!

The GIANT chair is back out front - nope still not for sale - but a great place to take photos!