Thursday, January 26, 2012

February Is REALLY Coming Together!!

 Every day more and more treasures are coming in - so let's see what I found today!!  This beautiful antique chair for instance - isn't she pretty?
 And another chair - and it is comfy and stylish!
 I love this quilt - and what a cutie back there in the corner!
 We are all suckers for beautiful old books!
 Pitchers and silver - you just can't go wrong with either!
 This large wall hanging is so beautiful!
 One of the many unique light fixtures in the store - we just love making one of a kind fixtures!
 There are 2 arm chairs and 4 dining chairs upholstered in this great fabric!
 Leonardo daVinci!!
 Letters, numbers, and ice cream containers!
 Cupboards and cupboards and china hutches and buffets - we have them all!
 Don't you just LOVE the colors on this corner cabinet????
 Game boards make such great wall art!
 We can decorate your entire play room!
 Isn't she a cutie!!!!
 Nothing like a pinball machine is there!  This one is from 1947 - the colors and graphics are magnificent!
 Tins and signs and cigar boxes and more great lighting!
 All right - not the best photo I agree - but the piece is gorgeous as are the vintage radios inside!
 Locker baskets!!!
 Aren't they gorgeous????  I would like one or two or twelve!!
Tole painted tray - always a favorite!   So are you getting excited yet?????  Be sure to check us out on facebook for even more photos!!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

February Is Getting Closer and Closer!!

 Every day a few more treasures trickle in!  We've got it all this month folks - colors, neutrals, retro, primitive, industrial, traditional, cottage, shabby chic - and tons of stuff that falls somewhere in between all of that!  Here are some new things I found today!!  Kind of hard to see but that table is on a cast iron base that goes up and down and allows you to keep the tabletop in place or swivel it around.  It is really cool - and the oak top started life as the top of a buffet!
 You just can't have enough signs - and we'll have plenty - in all shapes, sizes and styles!
 This great old trunk started life as a shipping crate - it is addressed to Macalester College!!
 I just love white ironstone!!  Plenty here to choose from!
 Boat seat chairs as shelves!
 I love the spring feeling of this great blue shutter with the green dresser behind it!
A beautiful set of white and gold dinnerware - and a perfect cupboard to display them.
 Cindy is back with her signature Cottage look - and we all agree - WE LOVE IT!!!!!
 What a gorgeous chalkboard!
 Another great piece of artwork by our very own Rosalie!
 I just LOVE Susan's use of color!
 Dog print collectors - we know you are out there!
 What a cool huge round frame!
 Writing desk storage - how perfect!
 We are all in agreement - she is spectacular!
 I think this is Leo - her faithful companion!
 Peter is almost done with his area - and it is looking great!
 Balloon molds!!!!  I think they would be fun at Easter!
 Hands down - the coolest item in here!  A 1932 coffee pot shaped coffee grinder!  This is actually quite large - would have been a commercial item - but if I had a bigger kitchen and island I could easily take it home!
 Two warehouse carts!
 Yee haw!!!  Yep, there are real cowhide inserts on this piece!
 Red metal rocker with such fun upholstery!
 This gorgeous dining table has leave that slide in on the ends of the table!  With the perfect!
Perfect water ski and snow ski sconces!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

It's Beginning To Look Like A February Sale!!

 Most of us still have a long, long way to go to get set up and look spectacular - but the treasures are starting to roll in! This February sale is gonna knock your socks off I think!!! This vintage upholstered chair is so comfy - and has great carved feet!
 You can always count on Susan for great color and fabrics!
 I LOVE Susan's newspapered wall - and the round map!  One more item on my want list!
 Two matching red slipper chairs - loving the color!
 This ottoman is another great upholstered piece - and it's comfy and the right height to be a great coffee table as well!
 You just can't go wrong with botanical prints!
 There is a great  long work table with silver legs and apron and then tucked under that is this great industrial almost round table with metal legs - the back side of the table is flat so you could push it up to the wall and still have the feel of a round table!  And tucked under that is a great warehouse cart!
 Another piece on my want list - this great industrial metal serving cart or work station or small island - let it be whatever you need it to be!
 Oh the crystals on this chandelier - it makes me feel like I should be speaking French!
 Another piece on my want list - this chandelier is drop dead gorgeous!  It appears black, but is actually a dark amethyst and sometimes almost has a red cast to it.  It is so very pretty!
 Can you say ooh la la???????
 Another great industrial piece - the trays on the bottom actually lift out!  Put some wine bottles in the top - along with some great snacks and you are ready to go!
 There is a matched set of these - hmmmmm, another want list item!

 Cindy was working on this piece - the color in person is perfectly neutral and the piece is great!
 Cindy also has some great vintage linens and pillows coming in - just gotta love fabric!
 I am so in love with this trunk!  Can't wait to see it all set up!
 An odd photo I know - but underneath all of those drawers can you see the great long green bench????  Ooohhh, can't wait to see it uncovered!
 A wood propeller - yep, you guessed it - another want list item!!
 LOVING this great old piece!
Industrial lighting over my center island maybe?  Hmmmmm.....Can't wait to see what else will be coming in!!  I'll keep you all posted................