Monday, October 31, 2011

November - Fun, Cozy, and Warm!

 One of the best things about shopping at SHR is looking for inspiration for your home.  We look to each other for inspiration too.  We all love using everyday items for holiday decorating - like this great frog box filled with white lites!
 We are all such suckers for clocks - big and small!
 We are also all suckers for old telephones and scales - and here we have the best of both!  I think it is a Hot Line to Santa!
 Who can't use a great dresser - use it in so many rooms.  Just because it started life as a dresser doesn't mean it has to always remain one!  Could be a buffet, or an entryway piece, or hold a TV - use your imagination!
 LOVE this great red metal clock - and it runs too!
 Just plain sweet!
 Oh my gosh - this grate is awesome - and it makes a great plate holder too!
 Love this painting - so sweet.
 Did I mention that we love clocks?
 Pinecone covered china for the holidays - what could be better???
 A motto we all live by!
 This little desk is a perfect piece - and a perfect neutral color!
 I think this is my favorite photo!  And the big dough bowl and skates are pretty darn awesome too!
 Feeling festive yet?
 Greens and twigs add so much to a room!
 Loving these shades of blue!
 Nothing like original paint - you just can't duplicate those colors!
 Wheels - yep we love them too!
A wonderful center island with salvaged butcher block top - and the perfect gift - a moose antler turned cribbage board!

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