Monday, August 29, 2011

September - New Dealers, New-Old Dealers and 10% Off Sundays Returns!!

 Lots of excitement around SHR for this sale!  We are bringing back 10% OFF STOREWIDE on Sunday!!  Even tho we re-stock so there is always something new - now even one more reason to shop or re-shop on Sundays!!!  Rose and Bonnie are back with us sharing a spot - this is a peak at their area!  So much goodness in there - including Bonnie paintings!
 MaryAnn is loaded up with great seasonal items, fun smalls, great furniture, and a terrific collection of boxes!
 LOVE this chair!
 Cathy is full of color this month - and this gorgeous dress form!
 More from Cathy!
 Love this great colorful cupboard of Cathy's!!
 Sandy's space is serene, cozy, calming, elegant and homey all at the same time!
 More from Sandy!
 LOVE this piece in Susan's area - and the globe is awesome too!
 Peter has some great books!
 Now I am thinking that this piece would look great in my bathroom filled with cosmetics!
 Kathie Armstron of Kathie's Finds is with us this month and next for sure.  She does an incredible job of painting and her husband Jeff does an incredible job of building and display!
 Some of Kathie's artwork!

 Yvonne and Tammy have a great spot - everything is wonderful!
 I am loving this entry way bench!
 So many things to look at - but I am especially fond of the lamp!
 Nothing like small tables!

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