Saturday, July 2, 2011

Knee High by the 7th of July!!

 What a fun sale this is going to be!!  We are really, really full and everyone has been working so hard to bring you the BEST of THE BEST - the one of a kind, the unusual, the piece that will make your room come together!  I'll do 2 or 3 posts of photos cuz I took sooooo many - but I couldn't help myself - everything looks so good!  And we still have a few more days to go of bringing in treasures!!!!  So here we go!!!  I happen to be a sucker for wheels or just about anything with a round shape - don't know why - but I am and so this month I thought I would share some of my collection with you!!!  They make such great art!

 More wheels, bicycle art and lots of color!!
 We have another great cart this month to use as a coffee table!!!  I know we get requests every month - and rumor has it that there is another one (or maybe two!!) ready and waiting in the wings!!
 Pat's area is so full of......well, everything!!!  She has bikes and colors and whites and rusts and incredible sconces (you're gonna have to take my word on that one cuz the photo didn't turn out!!), and gardeny stuff and tables and chairs and and and.............Yep, I've been in there a few times and haven't seen everything yet!
 Angela isn't set up yet - but she has lots of very, very cool looking stuff packed in there waiting to be arranged!  I think I could want the green chair!
 We are packed outside too with so much color and unique items and seating and gardening items and tables and fire pit rings and things for your cabin!  And Barb, Susan and MaryAnn have been working SOOOO hard on re-doing the deck!  It now has some walls and is looking mighty cozy - You are gonna like it sure!
 A set of great lockers and Susan's little orange set from her yard!  Did you see it in my post a few weeks ago from Susan's home?  It looked lovely in her yard didn't it?  Well, now you can have the chance to have it look just as lovely in your yard!
 Makes you want to run right up to the cabin doesn't it?  I believe this duck boat is actually water worthy too - but it makes a great statement standing up!!  Then pull up a chair and have a marshmallow!
 I love all of this color out on the deck!
This is in Susan's spot - which is as usual TO DIE FOR!!!!  She has tons of colors and pulls it all together so well.  Her area always has a kind of global feel - but homey and comfy at the same time.  Always one of my favorites!

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