Thursday, April 28, 2011

Only Days til the May Sale!!!

 More and more treasures are finding their way into SECOND HAND ROSE - and so of course I just gotta share some of them with you!!  Let me tell you - we have a little bit of everything this month!  Like this shelving unit made from a stock tank - bet you'll be the only person on the block with one of these!!
A black cubby with lots of storage and display room!
 Cathy has some great wire baskets and paintings and tons of other good stuff!
 Barb has out done herself this month - her spot is fantastically wonderful - these 2 vases are to die for!
 A great bench made from an old spoon carved bed.  Yep I can see it in an entryway or porch or living room or pulled up to a harvest table or in a you have your own ideas too!
 One of Ted 's great cupboards - and I love the little child's wicker chair!
 Now can you see this great box on wheels filled with flowers?  I can see a wave of petunias spilling out of it!  And we have tons of boxes - boxes of all sizes, colors, boxes with topses and boxes without topses!
 Art is truly in the eye of the beholder - and think what a statement piece this could be!
 A great collection of mirrors and baskets and lots of other goodies awaits you in Barb's area!
 Loving the barn doors!
 I told you we had everything - even the bathtub!!
 Put a little spring in your step and green up your life!
 How about a really comfy rocker in which to spend those summer evenings?
 Bathtub not your style?  How about a HUGE old oaken bucket?
 Where else would you find a Nurs-Ette?  You can bottle feed 10 calves at once - or fill it with beer and let your friends have a really good time!!
 More springs, whites, greens and yellows - so very cheery!!
 Our new gal has some great gray pieces, some great iron pieces and wonderful pops of green!  I think she's a keeper!
 An incredible buffet is hiding back there in the corner!
Hurry out next Thursday morning - we're starting to get a little squirrely (groan, groan, groan)!!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

More May Treasures

 Realized too late that I had missed some photos that I really wanted to share - so we'll do two posts today!  I am SO IN LOVE with this bread rack!!  I'm sure I need it - where or where can it go?
 And this nester - it has little privacy screens on the bottom row!!!  I think that is so cute - must have been some shy chickens!
 Lynn has lots of goodies in here - you just gotta dig to find them all!
 This bright green wicker piece is sure to bring a smile to everyone!!
I had to laugh at Denise's spot!!!  She works like so many of us - keep bringing in and bringing in and bringing in - then when it comes time to set up we have to haul half of it back outside to have space to work in - and see just what it was that we brought in!!

May Treasures!!

 There is still a long way to go at SHR to get us ready for all of you - but there are treasures pouring in and even tho most of them are not "set up" - I know you can all see thru the piles of stuff!  
 This buffet in Barb's area is a gorgeous creamy white!  What a great storage or serving piece in any room - or an awesome vanity!!
 Love, love, love this metal cart!  Would be great in a kitchen or deck or craft room or any room you need something useful, practical and fun!
 Loving this big old 2 piece cupboard - a whole lot of storage and display space!
 A really nice size corner cupboard with plenty of storage below - and I am really liking the striped chair!!
 Dinner anyone?  A fun picnic set don't you think?

 Love all the white going on in MaryAnn's area!  The piece on the bottom has tons of storage to hide away anything you can imagine!
 LOVING all of the color in Rose's area.  And speaking of Rose - this is her last month with SHR.  She is going to retire (for now!) and spend the summer kayaking and working in her garden and traveling!  We will miss her so much - but I'm pretty sure she'll be back!!!  AND she said she wants to come in and work some hours during the sales (when she is in town!) cuz she doesn't want to lose touch with all of you!
 I mean really - does it get any better than teddy bears?????
 Rose has always had a fascination for charts - and especially the unusual!!!
 This white cupboard in Susan's area is to die for!!!  I'm trying to figure out where it would fit in my house!!

 I PROMISE - anything you could possibly grill in this would taste heavenly!!
 There are some of the cutest chairs this month - in every color, shape and size!  I'm especially fond of these 2 little metal chairs - hmmmmmmmmm....

 Love the old microscope - and slides!!  I think it would look great on my bookshelf!
 Burlap feed bags - look quick - cuz I think they will be gone in a minute!
 The paint job on this little piece is great - and the colors are way better in person!
 Loving these theater seats!  Great in an entry way, on a covered porch, pulled up to a table, in your media room........

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pretty Faces from the April Sale

 We had so much fun (as we always do!) with all of you at our April sale!  And we had lots of special customers who brought their mom's and grandma's and dad's and siblings with them!  Thought we would introduce you to a few of them - BUT I am having a very big problem - I can't find all of my notes that tell me who is who.  So I am counting on you our SHR regulars to let us know names of some of these moms, grandma's, friends and kids!

I think this is Juniper and her mom!  Juniper was just one week old on her first visit to SHR!!

 And this is Bb (short for Bumblebee!!).  I think she was 3 years old and she is Juniper's big sister.  I think she was resting with Grandma!
 Can't find my notes on this little one and her mom.  The name Sophia is ringing a bell to me - but I could be wrong!  Someone help me identify these folks!!
 I know that this is Jen with her new baby Kate.  I believe that Kate was only 10 days old on her visit to SHR!!  We love our customers who start their kids early - never too young to be a fan of SHR!!
 These two young fellas are Jay and Asher - and they are Kate's big brothers!  Their dad was there too but I didn't get a photo of him - sorry dad!!  These two were pretty cute and fun!
 I can't find my notes on these two young ladies either but I know that they came down from the Brainerd area!  So if you ladies would please introduce yourselves..............It is so nice to know that we have fans that come from distances - we have some that come from the Dakota's each month, all corners of Minnesota, Mason City, Iowa and Milwaukee!  We even had a gal come in who bought a chandelier from us a year or so ago that she sent to Haiti to help rebuild a children's home - and she had photos of the home with the chandelier installed - how much fun is that!!!

 This adorable little girl is Frankie - and she was pretty smiley!
And this fella is Dallas - he was playing hard to get!

We love to see all of the generations of our friends - and we really do get a kick out of meeting each and every one of you and hearing your stories!  So keep coming in with your families and friends - and be sure to introduce yourselves and tell us about what you bought or what you want or any other thing you want to share!  We'll be here!

Monday, April 4, 2011

And Even More April Sale Photos!!

 Every day I go into SHR I find more and more treasures that I just have to show you!  And when I took these last photos there was still stuff coming in and spaces not finished!  Believe me - this month the treasures are never ending!  I am totally in love with this old grain dolley being used as an easel!
 This chaise lounge was looking pretty comfy!
 I am loving the elegance of this chair against all of the metal!
 Our youngest dealer Dylan (who is 16 not 14 as I said in an earlier post!  Sorry Dylan!) has the "can" this month - don't you just love his sign!!!!  Be sure to check out his wares when you are in - we are all pretty proud of him!
 Lots of color!
 A nice mixture of color and metal and rusty!
 Love this great old 2 piece cupboard!
 Look, look, look - we trapped a member of The Village People!!
 Interesting window treatment - do you know what it is?????
 A nice grouping of great old stuff - bits and pieces put together to make some cool junk!
 Whaddaya think of Barb's curtain valance??????
 Good morning, good morning to you!!
This about says it all - SPRING HAS ARRIVED AT SECOND HAND ROSE!!!!!!