Sunday, March 27, 2011

Have A Seat!

 More and more wonderful pieces are coming in to the shop every  minute - cupboards and tables and trunks and beds and lamps and chandeliers and doors and windows and mirrors and decor and doodads and pails and and and and......chairs!!!  I was fascinated by some of them - and would like to take quite a few of them home with me!!!   Like this little white chair for instance!  And the gorgeous vintage rag rug - it is huge - a 7' diameter circle - and heavy and in such good shape and so pretty!!
 A great bench and an awesome chair!  I'm loving each of them - and the colors are screaming to me!
 This vintage chair is so cute and distinguished at the same time! It is incredibly sturdy and looks great with the bark cloth pillow!
 This beautiful old wicker chair is a definite keeper!
 Seating for all ages!
 Loving this vintage baby too - comfy, sturdy, and such an oh so pretty color!
 A nice little perch!
 Get a cup of tea and a good book - add this chair and you've got it made!
See the great black display piece?  See the AWESOME bench in front of it?  Look quick - cuz it won't be there long!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Almost There!!!!

 We're getting closer and closer to April 7-8-9-10......The dates of the APRIL SHR SALE!!!!!  Took some more photos yesterday so of course I just had to share!!!!  Loving this gray color - it is warm and rich and deep and there is quite a bit of it around SHR!  Not sure you like gray? I don't  usually either - but these grays are so inviting!  Check the current magazines and Restoration Hardware and you will see that GRAY is the IN color!  If you look at our previous post you will see this dresser in it's before state - before sanding, painting, glazing, more sanding, more glazing - what a transformation!!
 Signs of spring are EVERYWHERE in the shop!  Crisp whites and cheery greens and yellows and blues and oranges - if you close your eyes you can almost smell the garden!
 See what I mean?  The fresh colors and planters and critters and watering cans - I'm ready to hit the garden center!!
 Under this stack of pillows and throws - can you see the amazing aqua/turquoise colored chair???????????  I WANT IT!!!!  I love the lines and the color - I think I would smile every time I looked at this chair!
 You know that Ted's cupboards are the best always - but he's got a couple this sale with the most incredible stained glass doors!   You've got to check them out!
 I'm loving the original upholstery on this old rocker!  It's mint - and comfortable!
 Rose has got the kitchen area this month - and she has everything imaginable you might need to do some serious baking/cooking!  AND lots of fun bits, pieces, and parts of junk, wood, doodads and whatchamacallits!

 Let's see - I think I need a couple new pie plates and a springform pan.................
 I've been awakened a few times now by birds singing outside my window!  And here are some just waiting for a good home!


 Amy and I posing for Parker - Amy and Brad's youngest son and a huge helper around the shop!  I think he is going to be a great photographer - he was yelling "Smile, pose, turn right, turn left!"   Hmmmm, remind me never, never again to pose with my big old winter coat on and in front of a camera pointing up at me!!!!  Maybe I don't need the spring form pan after all!!!!
 Hunter, Brad and Amy's oldest son, was hard at work making an old pulley look fabulous!
 Becky - one of our newest vendors (and she just happens to be Amy's mom!) in her pose for Parker!
 There are ducks and bunnies everywhere around the shop - and they are all looking for a good home and some Easter grass!
 This INCREDIBLE green chippy paint iron bed is a gotta have - and it is gonna be gone in a blink I'm sure!
 I like!
A shot of the bathroom - this month this room is being done by our YOUNGEST vendor Dylan!  He is enthusiastic and charming and creative and wonderful - and only 14 years old!

There is still a long way to go to get everything done for you guys - but every day more and more stuff comes in the door and we get closer and closer to throwing open the doors and shouting "Who's ready to shop?!?!?!?"  

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mid-March Madness!!

 It may only be mid month - but there is already lots of activity going on at SHR!   We all have SPRING FEVER and are anxious to bring you along with us!  We are excited to have spring and garden and Easter items to play with - and best of all......WE ARE GOING TO HAVE THE DECK OPEN FOR THE APRIL SALE!!!!

Nobody is anywhere near being done but when Mike and I went in to Buffalo today to bring in our first load of goodies we found all kinds of treasures to oooohhh and aaaaahhhh over!  So of course I had to take pictures!!

A great nester, stock tank that has lots of possibilities, a fish trap and lots of antlers!

 We were seeing lots of great shades of blues and greens and aquas and grays and white and pink and orange - a virtual rainbow of colors - all guaranteed to make you smile!
 Don't you just LOVE this screen door frame tucked in by the white table?  Ooohhh la la - I WANT!!
 I'm LOVING this creamy white table - look at that incredible base!  Almost a shame to put chairs around it and hide all of that beauty!
 I had to try out this great upholstered chair done in a soft gray.  It definitely gets my vote for comfort!  If only I had brought a good book and a cup of tea with me - I wouldn't have gotten anything done!
 You probably can't tell from this photo but these porch posts are some of the fattest ones I have ever seen!  I can think of about a million and one uses - but mostly I was imagining them just lounging in the corner of my living room!
 Susan gets the award so far for the most COLOR!  Her spot is really coming together (and she has all new track lighting in there too courtesy of Brad!) and it is a winner already!  All of her color drew me like a magnet!
 Now who couldn't use a bright infusion of color like this in their home????????????
 I want the bench and ALL of the pillows!
 Pat's got some great spring greens going - and she also has all new track lighting to show off her great color schemes!  That green secretary is calling to me - and I bet I won't be the only one hearing it say "take me home, take me home, take me home"!!
 Another piece I want - and in person with it's burlap backing - it is absolutely brilliant!
 Nope, we haven't forgotten Easter either!
 Bark cloth - need I say more?
 Kind of an odd picture I know - there are a pair of these wicker/rattan chairs stacked together.  I didn't take them apart so I have know idea if they are upholstered or not - but I was loving the curve of the chairs!
 Chairs as sculpture!
 The piece with the light bulb is an old stage light.  I'm not sure what is going to happen to it - but Brad was saying something about turning it into a wall mounted or ceiling mounted fixture.........can't wait to see how it turns out!
 I saw this cute green desk 2 rows of furniture back and thought the small size and great top and fun color looked pretty sharp!
 I'm loving the detailing on this old dresser.  What color do you suppose it will be by the time we see it next?

 Liking this arrangement!
Happy Spring everyone!  Start dreaming of all the treasures you're going to find at the April Sale!!  See you April 7-8-9-10!!