Friday, November 26, 2010

Rockin' Christmas at Second Hand Rose

It's official - the Christmas season has started! I was in SHR earlier this week to drop off a van load of goodies and ran into Brad, Rose, Barb, MaryAnn, Susan and Georgia! A busy, busy place and it will be even busier this weekend as we all begin to finish up our December sale.

Of course when I was in I didn't think to bring my camera. Am I sorry??? YEP!!!! OMG, OMG, OMG - the entire place is ABSOLUTELY ROCKIN' with merriment and joy and giggles and jingles! I saw some of the best vintage Christmas items EVER - Barb has some of her great little artsy items that you will probably have to fight over (unless I get there first!!) - Brad and Amy have a lamp with a shade that was part of a cupola (to die for!) and another lamp/nite lite that was made from - well, we don't actually know what it was - but it IS gorgeous!!!! MaryAnn's spot is a wonderland of goodies for the holidays and beyond - Rose has some architectural pieces that look like they came out of a mansion or castle or someplace really, really grand! - There is a HUGE sign in Cindy's area that I think will be gone in a heartbeat - Angela has flowing sheer fabric draping her area - it is absolutely ethereal and romantic and soft! There were 5 great upholstered chairs and a gorgeous sofa - and with all of the greatness I was seeing the best part was that only about half of us had even begun - so that means there will be AT LEAST 2 times more greatness by next Thursday!!!

I'll be in there this weekend with lots of stuff - working hard - and taking lots of photos for you all to share!!!!! In the meantime - start counting down the minutes.............................

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