Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New Owners for Second Hand Rose

Meet Brad and Amy Johnson - the soon to be new owners of Second Hand Rose!!! They have been customers for years - have lots of business experience - are avid junkers - have 3 awesome boys - great ideas for marketing and making SHR even better (I know, I know - hard to believe huh????) - have really good humor (which is important when dealing with us!!) - and are anxious to get going and keep many things the same - you know all the good stuff you already LOVE about us - and make some improvements where they see the need (like building, heating and lighting stuff) - and some other fun ideas that you will see coming up in the next months!

They are going to honor our January month off - but will have a BIG GRAND OPENING in February! They are keeping the name and most of the dealers - and even Rose is gonna have a spot and become just a dealer!!!!!

They will be working at the December sale - so come on in and say Hi and get to know the Next Generation of SECOND HAND ROSE!!!!

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