Sunday, October 3, 2010

October's Here!!!

I haven't been on here much this month - so sorry! And I have so much to share with you all - stories from customers, stories from vendors, memories, recipes (yep, you read that right - we are gonna share some of our favorite recipes with you guys!!) and old photos. BUT - we have all been sooooo busy getting stuff ready for the October sale that everything else kinda went by the wayside!! You will probably hear me say this again and again - but we all just want everything to be so spectacular for our last sales - even more spectacular than we usually are!

I am pretty sure we accomplished that this month! The shop looks amazing!!!!! There are so many things I want - actually I already got one of them!!!! Sometimes when we are setting up we will see something in someone else's area and well................Cindy and I did a trade - she had something I wanted and I had something she wanted!

But don't worry - the really good stuff is still there - so much really good stuff that I may have gone overboard on photos - but I am just so excited about it all. So, come along with me and let's get a preview (oh yeah, one thing before we look - I've already seen some things that are scheduled as next day items - things we couldn't fit in the first set up - definitely worth coming back on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!!!! Just as awesome as the stuff already there - but we only have so much room!)

The window in Barb's area - I love how the big round piece (which is the top part of a chicken brooder by the way) frames the chandelier - and that gray pumpkin?????? Ooh la la!!
A look into Gail's area - her upholstered pieces, and pillows and lampshades - she is the best!
Cindy Kulzer has this awesome sign in her area - full of bullet holes and rust! Ya gotta love it!
This is a corner in my area - don't mean to sound full of myself - but I LOVE the way my area turned out this month! The pedestal table is huge and sturdy, the fainting couch is amazing, and the trunk is covered in deer hide with great nail head work on it!
Looking into the center of my area - want you to know that those pumpkins came out of my garden!!!!
Does it get any better than great old clocks???????
The closet area of my space - yikes, I think I got carried away with photos of my area! Don't mean to be a hog you guys - just proud of my stuff this month!
Bonnie has more white than usual this month - and it looks great! She also has a great faux fireplace and her pumpkin paintings!
Cathy's area - always full of cozy, cabiny, homey items - and a stack of trunks that is to die for!
Cathy also decorated the bathroom this month - all in pinks and pastels! It is gorgeous!
Coralyn came out of her little hallway this month and took a larger spot - and did a marvelous job! She too does great pillows, and lampshades and upholstered pieces!
MaryAnn's area is so cozy! Love the smiling pumpkins!
Cindy Chapman is with us this month - and brought some incredible architectural pieces!
Another look at MaryAnn's area!
Love this little arrangement in Barb's area!
Lynn's area is FULL - and cozy and eclectic - something for every one!!!
Susan's area is very full too - and cozy and warm with rich browns, golds, leathers, and warm gray's - it is so cozy you could move right in!
Kim's area - cozy, warm, fun filled - very natural - and very FULL!!!! Make sure you look closely or you'll miss something!
This cupboard of Rose's is drop dead gorgeous - and the color is way better in person! Her whole area is full of her fun little "Rose" things!
There are so many grand pieces that I didn't get photos of - and Ted, Angela and Cindy K weren't even done yet - not to mention that I didn't take any photos of the deck and there is the most awesome table out there - and great metal and wire pieces - I always get home and realize that I missed so many things that I want you to see - so I guess you'll just have to come on down and see for yourself!!
Hey, our #99 Dinah Kumpula is having a sale at her house this week too! She lives right across from the Buffalo Nickel and will be open Tuesday and Wednesday from 10 - 1; Thursday from 10 - 6, and Friday and Saturday from 10 til you guys stop coming! She sent me a great photo collage and I tried to get it on here but it wasn't cooperating! But you all know Dinah - she will have great stuff!

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  1. Hi Rose!
    Thanks for sharing your upcoming sale with all of us. Since you are one of my favorite Occasional Sales, I wanted to share you with all of my readers, so I posted a link to your shop from my blog.

    Thanks for putting on such a great sale every month, it's totally worth the drive to come out and shop all that you have.

    See you later this week!