Tuesday, October 26, 2010

November Sale is Almost Here!!

The November sale is almost here - it starts next Thursday, November 4th! It is a short time between sales for us cuz the October sale was late in the month and the November one is right away. So we have all been rushing around like little elves................cuz you know this is the big CHRISTMAS/HOLIDAY sale!!!!!! Don't worry - we still do Christmas in December too - but it seems all of you like to have a lot of holiday stuff really early so you can start your decorating! Most of us aren't anywhere near being set up yet so I just have a few snippets to share with you - just enough to whet your appetite! So come on, let's go take a couple peeks..........I'm so excited I want to grab you all by the arms and say come and see the beginnings!!!!!! Ok, ok, let's go look now....................

Rose already has these great long johns hanging over the desk!

Saw all of this silver in Barb's area - perfect for entertaining!
How cozy does this sofa/couch look???? The carving on it is gorgeous!

Barb also has a bunch of awesome white dishes etc - including some ironstone!!!! I'm already drooling!

Coralyn's famous mittens - they are so cozy and warm and cute - and make AWESOME holiday gifts!
Coralyn also has some gorgeous entertaining pieces in her area - was seeing some beautiful silver and crystal!

Rope, rope, rope - hmmmm, like the looks of it as is - but soooo many uses come to mind!

Do you know what this is? Can't wait for you to see it!

Know what this is??? Some great art work huh?

Some wonderful seasonal decorating items - and ideas!

And again some great seasonal items - imagine these great greens in your house!

The back wall of the front room - Rose has written "The Night Before Christmas" - it looks so awesome on the wall!

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  1. The mystery piece is a Jaba the Hut mask sitting upside down.