Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Tour of Pat's House

Today Mike and I were fortunate enough to get a tour of Pat Carver's home in Delano. She was having her "GOOD JUNK" sale with some of her best junker pals including a few other dealers from SHR and quite a few from the Buffalo Nickel. Her sale runs all day Friday and Saturday til 3pm. It is also the Delano citywide garage sale weekend so if you get a chance head on over - we came home with our van FULL!!! Pat's place is right on Hwy 12 just west of Delano.

Pat is a true antique dealer and collector. She has been collecting for over 30 years and she loves Americana and textiles. Some of you might call her style country - but really it is a collection of true American antiques. When inside her home I felt like I was in a farmhouse on the East coast. Her pieces are absolutely awesome and her collection of quilts, coverlets and textiles is out of this world. I kept trying to think of a way to sneak a few into my purse but alas, no such luck.

Pat is also a gardener - and as that is also a passion of mine I was in heaven checking out her yard and gardens. They are gardens to dream about and drool over. So come on - let me show you what I discovered today...................

This is the English style garden in the front of her house. Yep, I want!!
And more of this garden.......

This is part of her back yard - lunch anyone???? What a great place to enjoy a glass of lemonade and a good book!

Coming from the side of her house out back

The outhouse!!!! Just a cute little shed - but notice the pathway? Who says you need to spend tons on lots of matching pavers? I love the look of this.
Inside Pat's house at the top of the stairs - Meet Pat's grandfather in his WWI uniform. What a handsome fella!
She also has some great old oils scattered around the house. I was particularly fond of this fella. And love the color on the walls!
This chest of drawers is in Pat's bedroom. I would have guessed it to be an antique - but guess what? This is a piece made by our very own Ted Thompson!!
I just love this chalkware figure. I collect chalkware horses - but have never seen this sheep piece before. I think he would look great with my horses but Pat seemed to be rather attached to him!!
She uses this great old harvest table for display. You will notice that Pat has boxes of every size, shape and color all over her house. A love for boxes seems to run in the Second Hand Rose family - it seems we all have lots of them! Look at the corner cupboard on the right side of the picture - Pat also has a collection of Bonnie's famous houses!
I love this centerpiece on her dining table. Do you that the "wood bowl" is actually the top from an old Victrola? And again - more boxes!!
This gorgeous hutch is in her dining room displaying her pewter collection. Mike was looking it over quite fiercely noticing the great hand forged square nails in it. We wondered how old it was? Not that old at all - another great piece made by Ted Thompson!!!! His attention to detail and authenticity is absolutely amazing!
I love this quilt draped over a settee. It is a wool patchwork quilt with the most amazing crewel work on it. It is very hard to come across a piece like this.
In one of her bedrooms - a great antique cupboard filled with her coverlet collection. I just love all of the color and pattern!

This sampler was one of the largest I have ever seen. It is dated 1929 but she has had it checked out and knows that it may have been finished in 1929 but is quite a few years older! I think it would take me about 50 years to do this!
This is one of my favorite pieces in her house. This is a sampler from the 1700's. The fine embroidery is incredible and it is all silk thread, done on silk with that great collection of lacework pieced in. Perhaps this young woman crocheted/tatted the lace too? If only this piece could talk!
A couple of Pat's trunks. I thought she had this great example of early American painting - and then she told me that SHE painted the box! Is there anything this woman can't do???????

Pat also painted this blanket chest! Don't you just love the colors on this? Pat is truly one very, very talented woman!
This wool patchwork quilt is draped over a bench in her entryway. The painstaking embroidery on it is absolutely gorgeous!! This is one of the pieces that I wanted most of all. I am such a sucker for vintage/antique textiles too!
Well, there you have Pat's home. Warm, welcoming, full of character, a touch of humor here and there - very much like Pat. We so enjoyed our tour Pat - thanks for letting us share your home today!!!

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  1. Pat's house is just as wonderful as it ALWAYS has been. Never , ever have I seen a mess in Pats house. The shop, the gardens, oh my. It's all wonderful. Pat's house is not that old but I remember when she said that she was so pleased that "the steps have finally started to squeek"!