Sunday, August 1, 2010

It's August Sale Time!!

WOW - we are so full of treasures this month - in every nook and cranny!! There is so much stuff that I don't even know where to start - so today I am just going to let the photos do the talking - you'll see why you just gotta be at SHR on Thursday morning!!

The one thing that I don't have any pictures of is the FLEA MARKET that we will be having out back. That won't get set up til the very last minute - but I got a sneak peek at some items that are going back there and you better believe that I will be first in line!! It will be filled with dollar items, furniture, stuff to get creative with, items that we bought and just can't seem to make work - but we know they are great and someone else will see exactly what it is intended to be!!
So we'll see you August 5-6-7-8!! Hurry on down - we're expecting a ton of traffic so get here early!!

1 comment:

  1. The flying foot just sent me flying into giggles. LOLOLOL Love it ALL!!! I hope ya'll have a WONDERFUL sale!!!

    ;-D robelyn