Thursday, August 19, 2010

Check out Bonnie's Mural!!

Mid-month and items are starting to come in to the shop! I was in there this morning to drop off a van load of treasures - and lo and behold - a mural awaited me on the back wall!! It is absolutely awesome - painted by our resident artist Bonnie with help from Rose and Barb. Rose and Barb tell me that Bonnie give them a Painting 101 course while doing this wall!! Rose will have the kayak hung from the ceiling and will be doing a whole kind of North Woods look there. I hope she leaves a lot of bare wall so you can admire this awesome painting!!

Here is the corner over the doorway into my area! Could almost be up on the North Shore don't you think??
As long as I was there I thought I would get a few shots of some interesting things that I noticed - like this great wire shelving unit! I think it would look great in my bathroom filled with fluffy towels!!

A corner in Barb's area - who as usual is more than halfway done before the rest of us even start!! She and Angela swapped areas this month - just to keep you all on your toes!! Barb has great warm fall tones in her area - oranges and golds and browns and greens - yummy!!

Saw this white piece in Cindy's area - it is gorgeous and that is actually a full size top shelving unit that sits up on it. It is just standing on the floor behind the bottom piece at the moment. Can't wait to see it together!!

In Barb's area of course - she is so darn clever!!

Love this bench in Barb's area - and the painting over it! Do you recognize the painting as the top of a vintage card table???? How cozy would this bench be in your entry way - or anywhere else in your house for that matter!!

Another shot in Barb's area - I could just move right in!!

Gotta love that drafting table right????

Sooooooooooooooo, whaddya think??? Some pretty cool stuff going on huh????? Can't wait to see how it all turns out! I'll keep you posted - same SHR station, same SHR time!!!!

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