Friday, August 6, 2010

And We're Off!!!!

Thursday morning - we are rushing around, getting all of our last minute things done, turning on lights, finding our aprons, getting the cash boxes organized, putting on name tags, making sure the music is on, is everything priced?, do we look our absolute best?, are all of the drills charged?

Yep - we think we are ready and then we look out the front door...................Holy crowd control Batman!!!!! Where did all of those people come from?? Then we look out the back window and the flea market is already full of people too!!!!! So what we were wondering is - Was there a desk, work station, cash register, classroom, computer desk ANYWHERE near here that had an employee at it?????????????? Cuz it seemed like EVERYONE was at Second Hand Rose on Thursday morning!!!!! What fun it was - and how incredibly crowded - and what good moods you were all in - and how much laughter we heard - and lots of friends meeting friends - and the good moods even lasted thru the long lines to check out!!!!

Thank you all so much!!!! We had so much fun being with you all on Thursday - as we do every sale! No doubt about - Our SHR customers are the very best, the cream of the crop, the cats pajamas, the Mona Lisa, and the star on our Christmas trees all rolled into one!!!!!

These 3 handsome young fellas are Harvey, Henry and George! They accompanied their mom shopping - and kept a line of women smiling!!! Nothing like 3 handsome young men to bring out our smiles right ladies!!!

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