Friday, July 9, 2010

A Tour of Rose's House

Today is Rose's birthday! So in her honor - a tour of her house - which as you might have suspected is filled with tons of fun items. Her house is not large, but has a great lake view and is kind of traditional with a twist of.............well, with a twist of Rose!!! Join me for some fun and some great ideas!

This bottle sits on a shelf in her kitchen - a gift to her from Scott at Old Town Creamery in Maple Lake (check it out sometime - another fun place!!). The writing is actually part of the bottle - how cool is that!?!
This is one of Rose's favorite items - and one of mine. This "valance" on her kitchen window is actually a furnace floor grate!

A little note Rose has written on her kitchen wall - Rose is never afraid to do something quirky like write on the wall - after all, as she says, a little paint and it is gone!
Rose took the doors off her upper kitchen cupboards - I love her displays! Basic wine glasses and white dishes stacked - everyday items that look wonderful!

I should have lightened up this photo - on the wall next to the cupboards is a large "R" and hanging buckets (from Ikea) that contain her silverware. Again, so simple, but so wonderful!

Now this is my favorite photo!! This is her bathroom floor - nice looking tile don't you think? It is actually linoleum that was white with a blue and yellow floral pattern on it. She followed the lines on the linoleum, taped it off and then using a combination of paints and stains, sanding some off, adding some more, then 4 coats of poly - viola, a beautifully tiled floor! You have to look at it pretty closely to tell it's not real!

This is in the corner of her dining room. Just a simple shelving unit, but what I really love are the 2 large silver covers on the top and first shelf. They are just gorgeous! Lids and covers can be a fun and unusual collection (and can have many fun uses) and often are quite cheap when they come with no bottoms!
Over the large picture window in the living room she has a shelf with a collection of various boxes. It adds a nice touch of color and fun. But what I wanted you to see was her ceiling! Just a basic sheet rocked ceiling. She added 2 by 4's and painted it all the same color. You would thing those beams have been there forever! It is a fairly easy job that you could do in your home or it wouldn't be terribly expensive to hire it out.

This is the mantel in her living room. It is a nice basic fireplace and her simple collection of busts with the ivy works just perfectly.
This is a jar of pens and nibs and ink related items. Rose collects pens, small old leather coin purses, napkin rings and other odds and ends. Because all of her collections are of small items she houses each collection in a large jar. I love the idea firstly because I love jars and bottles (that is what I collect) but also because it is a great way to have a collection of small things and still see them. Her jars are tucked her and there on shelves and they just draw you to them. I always have to pick them up and turn them around to look at all of the fun items!
This wall is in her office/den. I just loved the idea of using the paper cutter as art!
This is the closet in her office/den. Since she doesn't use it as a bedroom and didn't need the storage space, she removed the door and it became her small office within the office. It houses files and computer paper and supplies - but is still nice enough looking to keep open.

This wall is a work in progress. It is in her spare bedroom and is basically a large cup and saucer shelf. The next photo shows the other half. I love the painting hanging in the center and then she is using the narrow shelves for her heads (don't ask me why - they scare the heck out of me!!) and clocks and the hooks for pocket watches. Think of how many fun things you could do with a unit like this. And note the other small glass container filled with watch parts!

On the side of her house - a plant tucked in the crook of a tree and a birdhouse made from an old tin can.
Her kitchen window box - how inviting! I love the small bird sitting in it!
A large commercial letter on the garage wall as you enter her backyard - you know whose home you are coming to!
Well, folks that is it for the tour. I have more photos that I will share another day. Hope you came across some fun ideas that you can use in your own homes!


  1. Well, first... Happy Belated Birthday Rose!!!

    Second - I need the "R"'s please. LOLOL I love it all!!! My FAVORITE I think is the linoleum floor painted up and lookin' SO COOL - but I like the "beams" just as much! LOL

    :-D robelyn

  2. I intend to live forever as well! Just found your blog from Whisper Wood Cottage! And I'm glad I did!