Sunday, June 20, 2010

July Snippets

What a grand morning this is! Blue skies and wonderful sunshine. It is only very early on Sunday morning but already this has been a FULL weekend! I have much to share with you all - auction tidbits, a tour of Barb's house, and a Buffalo Days Parade party held at Barb's house. BUT I am going to start with a quick run thru of what is happening in the shop! I was in there on Friday night and of course hardly anyone is anywhere NEAR being set up (except Coralyn and Barb!). But thru the stacks and piles of furniture and smalls and stuff I could find lots of wonderful treasures poking their heads thru so I thought I would share some of them with you! So come on - let's take a mid-month tour!!

This piece in Kim's area JUMPED right out at me - don't you just love the colors on that cupboard? Hmmmmm............the first item on my gotta have list!
This is the back wall of the front area - the first thing you will see when you come in. I don't have a clue what will end up happening on that wall but the newly painted color just drew me right in! Trying to figure out where in my house I could do a feature wall in that color!

I couldn't help but notice that great armoire and chair in MaryAnn's area! And I need a new chair in my living room - could this be the one?
Pat has the kitchen this month - and I see more gotta haves!! I'm seeing a pink table calling to me and those bee thingy's (can't remember the correct title this morning!!) - they have endless possibilities tho!
I'm seeing some fun color in Coralyn's area - and you know me - all about color!
This is in Angela's area. Yep the chair is nice too - but the metal cart underneath it??? Another item on my list!

A look into Susan's area! There is that turquoise/aqua color that I love so much. And I'm liking the pair of chairs! Hmmmmm, maybe I need 2 chairs for my living room?
Cathy Grott has joined us at SHR. She has everything that I love - but those windmill pieces - what incredible primitive/industrial/modern art! Oh my list is growing so fast!
Barb and Rose have joined forces this month and combined their spaces. I can always find one or two or twenty things in their items to go on my gotta have list!
Soooooooo is your mouth watering yet? Getting ready to shop??? Not much longer now til the July sale! Really, not much longer at all.......yikes - back to work - I have much to do!

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